Summer Reads Awards of 2015

Well, Lightning City Book Reviews has not hit the One Year mark yet so I haven’t really wanted to do a “Best of Awards” list. But it is Summer Reading time and Romance novels fall under the Sun Umbrella of “Beach Reads” so I’m going to bite the bullet and do it.

Now I’m going to make sure I don’t paint myself into a corner, because I know there are so many terrific books coming down the pipe and I know my memory and I also know I haven’t read everything in my TBR pile so this will be a monthly thing. At the end of the month I will list what I consider the best I’ve read and what I’m “chomping at the bit” to get my grubby mitts on. I’m going to try to represent all of the genres I read. Granted there will be some overlap, and there won’t be any Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Sorry.

Here goes nothing:

Best Books You Should Read:

Best New Adult Series:  “Elements of Chemistry”: “Attraction”, “Heat”, and “Capture” by Penny Reid

Best Fireman Novel:  “Flirting With Fire” (Hot in Chicago Series) by Kate Meader

Best Kilted Novel: “Kilts and Daggers” (Highland Spies Series) by Victoria Roberts

Best Historical Novel: “The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress” (Dukes of War Series) by Erica Ridley

Best Historical Suspense: “Beauty and the Rake” by Erica Monroe

Best Romantic Comedy: “Rules of Payne” by Elizabeth Lynx

Best Gateway BSDM Novel: “The Gilded Cuff” (Surrender Series) by Lauren Smith

Again, this list is subjective, I haven’t read everything I want to, there are books I’ve heard about that are on my TBR list that may show up next month so if you have any suggestions please, please, please Comment!!!

Most Anticipated Reads for July:

New Adult Novel: “Quarter Mile Hearts” by Jenny Siegel – July 7, 2015

Contemporary Romance: “Before That Night (Unfinished Love Series #1) by Violet Duke – ETA July 14, 2015

Contemporary Romance: “Truth or Beard” (Winston Brothers Series #1) by Penny Reid – ETA July 21, 2015

Contemporary Romance: “Even the Score” (Tall, Dark, and Texan Series #1) by Kate Meader – ETA July 21, 2015

Contemporary Romantic Comedy: “Rules of Payne 2: Electric Boogaloo” by Elizabeth Lynx – ETA July 28, 2015

So hopefully that will keep you busy. I know I’m eagerly awaiting the unpublished and ready to take on books on my TBR list. Hopefully, I’ll come up with something new and exciting for you in July!


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