“Mortal Musings” by Aria Glazki


Gale Warning

Magic and Myth are woven throughout this Romance making this tale a delight! Muses, nymphs, fae, and dream weavers find their way briefly and lightly in and out of a story mainly populated with artists of various kinds. If you liked the movie “Splash” you will more than likely enjoy this novel.

Brett is an author with a couple of novels under his belt. We find Brett in his dingy Writer’s Cave, tortured by terrible “writers’ block” and cursing the Muses. He says that his muse has probably abandoned him and is bestowing ideas to another writer rather than he. Then he speculates that there is no such thing as muses, and that artists and writers are inspired by life experiences, it comes from within themselves and not some creature from mythology.

Allie is a muse, and she is frustrated by yet another human blaming her kind for their failings, thinking that they favor one human over the other. A muse does not invent the ideas and plant them into the minds of the painter, sculptor, or writer, their purpose is to inspire, perhaps draw attention to a bowl of fruit or a scenic view. However Allie’s annoyance causes her to inadvertently make Brett’s fingers fly across his keyboard and type a poem pouring out her thoughts and feelings about what it is to be a muse and wishing that the artist would realize that the muse is indeed there and yearning for him to be able to appreciate and see her.

All of a sudden Brett notices a woman standing in his office, not looking at him but examining the things in his office careful not to touch or make a sound. As she turns she sees him looking in her direction but not realizing, at first, that he can see her. Initially her attire appears to be gauzy but soon begins to dissipate like clouds until she is nude and he, mesmerized gives up his shirt in order for her to cover herself. Brett’s first thought, strangely enough, is that this woman is a burglar. Then he think he should perhaps call the authorities because she may have some sort of mental injury, like amnesia. But her fearful and innocent expression and behavior has his protective nature emerging.

Allie has no idea how or why she has become a mortal and she doesn’t know if this is permanent or temporary. Though she is visited by a dream weaver that has been directed to pass along a message to her, but he surreptitiously adds that there is a loophole to every spell. This gives Allie hope that she can return to the faerie world yet she has no idea how to accomplish this feat.

In the meantime, Brett provides her with clothing and food and tries to make life with him enjoyable. Allie, does not want to take advantage so she takes a job at a local diner, which happens to have some writers and artists as regulars. Even though she is not a great waitress she isn’t a disaster as most writers would portray this type of character.

Even though Allie is no longer a Muse, she does have an impact on Brett and other, secondary characters, in the novel. Of course this is a Romance and although Brett tries to control his desires, because of Allie’s actual sexual innocence, their physical attraction is inevitable. The wording that the author uses seems extremely stilted at the onset of “Mortal Musings” it, however it soon loosens up for the mortal characters and the formality, which remains, suits Allie’s “fish out of water” situation. All of the secondary characters are likeable. Allie and Brett are captivating and their chemistry is magnetic. The story is sweet, magical, and marvelously twisty. “Mortal Musings” is a short Romance so the writing is tight and the angsty introspection is blissfully minimal while the character development is plentiful. In short, “Mortal Musings” was short, sweet, and steamy!

I’m giving this book 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning!


This novel was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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