“Bewitched” by Daisy Prescott



An adorably funny New Adult novella perfect for Halloween! “Bewitched” is set at an university in Salem, Massachusetts during Mabon and Samhain – the Fall Equinox and Halloween for us Muggles. We have the disbelieving Heroine, Madison Bradbury, and her quirky Wicca-wannabe roommate, Sam, passing through a “witchy shop” and hi-jinks involving a “powerful witch” runes, spells, and smudging ensue.

Add to that an intriguing Smart, Funny, and Unassuming guy, Andrew Wildes, the type you wouldn’t look twice at but oddly, lately, he seems to be around just when she needs a little “back-up” or rescue. There are times when she feels like they are completely into each other but then she gets thinks she’s been “friend-zoned”.

Desperate times may call for desperate measures – and even though she doesn’t believe in magic, she is decended from 17th century Salem “witches” …. But crazy things happen at Halloween in Salem and you never know from where the Magic of Love is going to come.

Daisy Prescott delivered the perfect Halloween Treat! A little romance, a little magic, a lot of Funny! The characters of Madison and Andrew are fantastic and so incredibly likeable. The comic relief of Sam and to a lesser degree, Andrew’s friend, Tate, are a joy. Oh and … Pinkie Swears are Sacred – just saying. Extra Bonus points for use of a “Pride and Prejudice” quote! There are no other words to describe “Bewitched” other than a Romantic Little Halloween Romp. Adore!

I’m giving “Bewitched” 5 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies!


This novella is from my personal library, which means I paid for it – so it’s a honest review.

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