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Gale Warning

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This book blew my “mind hole”!  I had no idea if I was in the past, present, or future or a delightful combination of all three!  “Let It Snow” is a complete mash-up borrowing from pop culture to historical accuracies and a little bit of magic.  Erica Ridley compiled all of this and produced a Christmas book that made me smile at the end. And put some cheer in my heart.  It was sweet with some spice.  The Hero is totally an Han Solo/Indiana Jones type, adventurer, treasure hunter, with the bravado of a boy and a heart of gold.  The Heroine is a True Innocent and has had to become brave, self sufficient, and self-motivated due to her circumstances.  Most of the Heroine’s growth occurs prior to the story however the most important change, of course happens during the course of the book.  The Hero also undergoes a change – not a dramatic change but a subtle one.  This novel is SO MUCH FUN!

Lance Desmond is in need of money, it seems as though he kind of owes a lot of people.  He decides to go after the most valuable of treasures that is hidden away in a cursed ice covered castle high on the cliffs.  Armed with a bow and arrows and his sword his best friend, the owner of a Potions and Pawn Shop, provides him with a Spell Book, a Snickers Bar, some Slim Jims, some toy light saber thingies that aren’t toys, and Sancho’s beloved talisman necklace.  With a price on Lance’s head he rushes toward Castle Cavanaugh with his cargo pants and long coat filled with his belongings.  After climbing the cliffs and scaling the castle’s ice walls everything is eerily simple.  When he gets to the door rather than it being bolted it glides open easily.  However once he walks through the door it shuts behind him and becomes a solid piece of the wall locking him in completely.  He continues to explore the castle in search of the treasure but instead meets up with a girl dressed in rich medieval clothing and hair style.  She even speaks like someone from the Renaissance Fair.

Princess Marigold does not want to like this man who has been entrapped in the castle.  However he is different in his behavior to hearing that the castle is impenetrable (he laughs) to how he spends his time inside the castle with her.  As much as she fears getting attached to Lance she is which makes her sadder as each hour passes.  She also feels guilty keeping the biggest secret from him … that not only is he not going to ever get out of the castle but at Midnight he’s going to disappear like everyone else has for the last 600 years or so.  But upon learning that Marigold’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and that day is Christmas Eve Lance has declared that he is going to spend that day making it the best birthday for Marigold and then the next day he will come up with a plan to escape the curse.  The Princess goes along with it and has a delightful day and she wants to enjoy every moment of Lance’s company until the very minute he disappears.  But she falls asleep before midnight and when she awakens everything is as it is everyday.  The castle is reset, everything is as it was except Lance is gone.  And Marigold feels more lonely than she has ever felt before.  Until Lance comes out of one of the rooms after cleaning up.  He didn’t disappear!

Marigold has to finally tell him about the curse, about how everyone usually disappears at midnight and everything resets itself down to the food that was cooking the day that the curse was cast.  She shows Lance that everyone or any animal that has ever been on the castle grounds at midnight has been turned into an ornament on the tree.  If Lance disappears he will be one more ornament.  Now it is a race against time to figure out how to break the curse since they don’t know why Lance hasn’t been “reset” and he may be taken at anytime.  In the meantime Marigold wants to make the most of the time she has with him while she can.

“Let it Snow” is so entertaining!  Erica Ridley puts pieces of anachronisms together with references to “Ground Hog Day”, “Star Wars”, and a little bit of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.  The delight in Lance introducing Marigold to “Candy Crush”, e-books, and Snickers is charming.  However there is poignancy in how Marigold interacts with the occupants on the tree every night.  And the sweetness of Lance wanting to make a girl he just met have the best birthday she could have in their situation.  This is definitely a Romantic Christmas Romp that is filled with Cheer!

I’m giving “Let It Snow” 5 Lighting Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This book is from my personal bookshelf which means I purchased it – therefore it is an honest review.

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