Erica Ridley Lightning Flash Interview

Erica Ridley has saved me from an empty blog today by coming to Lightning City for an interview.  Well I should say, back to Lightning City since she used to live here.  But thankfully she was gracious enough to answer questions from all the way from Costa Rica.  I’m really grateful for her rescue today!  Well let’s get started on this fun Interview.


Char:  What book or movie makes you cry laughing?

Erica:  I frequently cry when I laugh, so basically any funny book or movie will do this, lol. I’m even an easy mark for bad puns and corny jokes.


Char:  What book or movie makes you “ugly cry”?

Erica:  Jodi Picoult’s books are excellent at this.


Char:  Celebrity Crush?

Erica:  Antonio Banderas


Char:  Viscount, Captain, or Earl?

Erica:  Captain


Char:  Pugilist or Fencer?

Erica:  Fencer


Char:  Whites, Brooks, or Boodles

Erica:  White’s. It started life as a hot chocolate emporium!


Char:  In a film, what is your favorite love story?

Erica:  This is tough because I don’t actually watch a lot of romantic movies. The Princess Bride is my favorite romantic comedy, but it’s not my favorite love story because the princess doesn’t get much characterization. So I think I’ll go with Say Anything. (And yes, all the films I know are from the 80s, lol!)


Char:  Guilty Pleasure(s)?  Chocolate Doesn’t count.

Erica:  Cop dramas on Netflix. NCIS, L&O, CSI, Psych, Grimm… I seem to love mysteries that can be solved in 40 minutes. 😉


Char:  What was your favorite children’s book?

Erica:  Harriet the Spy


Char:  I know you speak several languages. What is your favorite word in each language?  Definition please.

Erica:  Oh man, this is hard. I’m going to pick just one: the extremely common phrase “Pura Vida” in Costa Rican Spanish. It can mean a plethora of positive things, from “Awesome!” to “Thank you.” and it illustrates how friendly, happy, and appreciative Costa Ricans are in general. No wonder it’s often considered one of the happiest countries on Earth!


Char:  I know you play a few musical instruments.  If you were to get hit on the head by a coconut and lost the ability to play two instruments, which instrument would you prefer to be able to remember to play.

Erica:  Piano


Char:  Me in a Nutshell (3 words to describe yourself):

Erica:  Books. Travel. Dessert.


Char:  An important Life Tip or a Life Rule … :

Erica:  Never give up!


Char:  Super unknown fact about yourself:

Erica:  I am actually allergic to chocolate, but I eat it anyway. (Hives can be sexy, right? Right???)


Char:  What is one of your Bad Habits?

Erica:  Staying up far too late to finish reading, even if I have to get up early. Who can resist?


Thank You Erica Ridley for Saving My Life today!!! 

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    1. My Pleasure. Thanks for helping me out while I was out reacquainting my co-ed with her hometown. I’m exhausted.

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