Review: “Curvy” by Alexa Riley


Storm Warning

“Curvy” is a fun and sexy little novella for all the curvaceous girls out there!  Alexa Riley seems to like her shorter books heroes on the possessive side, and this story doesn’t deviate from that formula at all.  Flynn Long is a workaholic businessman looking to spice up some of his holdings and when one of the execs brings him yet another women’s lingerie line he is convinced that this is the same old same old.  But when the assistant brings in a large stack of files each filled with potential models they happen to tumble down, onto the conference table.  One file in particular, slides straight across the conference table to him and the model’s photo falls out of the file folder and right into his hands.  This model is unlike the usual ones you would expect to find in a Victoria Secret ad.  This woman looks like a 1950s Pin Up girl, with curves that are tying him in knots.  He gets her statistics and information and tells them to pick who ever else they like but Cali Carr must be one of the models whatever it takes.  He takes the file and photo and immediately leaves the meeting.  As a child, he didn’t like to share his toys – as a man he hasn’t changed much at all.  He feels the same way about Cali.  Flynn feels as though she belongs to him – and he completely belongs to her.  He doesn’t understand it but he knows it to be true

Cali doesn’t know what’s happening, she’s expecting the usual modeling gig with a modest air flight and motel accommodations.  But she ends up getting bumped up to first class without asking, then when she is on her way to catch a cab to her hotel, she is met by a driver holding a sign with her name on it.  He is driving her to an extravagant Beverly Hills hotel – her new accommodations.  Most unusual is that the owner of the company is telling the photographer how to pose her for the pictures.  To the point where he is moving her as if she is his personal model.  But for some reason it doesn’t really feel weird or wrong.  It almost makes sense as though she has known him and his touch feels right.

This story is “Love at First Sight” on steroids!  But it is cute as Hell.  It’s a short but sweet read that is almost disturbing but turns the corner into rather adorable.  This story is for all of the Rubenesque women who are beautiful and need to be reminded that there are men out there who desire them more than the size 4 women that everyone expects a heroine to be.  Real men like their women to be Real too.

I’m giving “Curvy” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This book is from my personal bookshelf and therefore is an unbiased review.

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