Review: “Catching Lucy” by Terri Anne Browning

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Terri Anne Browning has a complete world of Rockers starting with Demon’s Wings and then Otherworld from these two series brings us the Lucy & Harris serial.  Lucy is the adopted daughter of the drummer of Demon’s Wings and Harris is the son of Otherworld’s drummer.  The Heroine, Lucy, and the Hero, Harris, of “Catching Lucy”, have been best friends since childhood when their parent’s bands toured together and even afterward.  They were best friends during the most traumatic experience of Lucy’s life.  But Lucy began to have feelings that were more than friendly and started to pull away when Harris started dating and sowing his wild oats.  Harris is now a young entrepreneur who never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a musician, his dream was to have a club featuring bands and being the place to be for dancing, drinks, and a good time.  He achieved his dream at the age of 21 and he’s a huge success.  Lucy, despite her past as a kidnapping victim is feisty, brave, loving and loyal.  But she’s still in love with Harris even though he still thinks of her as a friend.  Terri Anne Browning does an excellent job of conveying the frustration Lucy feels with how much love she feels for Harris and the hurt she feels when she sees that he only sees her as his best friend.  The internal dialog gets really interesting when Harris realizes that he loves Lucy as more than a friend and that he may have always been in love with her.  The argument his brain has with itself is really amusing.  For those who have read the Demon’s Wings and Otherworld series many of your favorite characters appear and not just in cameo roles.  Since this is a serial there is a cliffhanger and the storyline is rather slow moving with the conflict just showing itself enough in the end to give you a taste of what is to come in the next installment.

Lucy Thornton is the infamous daughter of the drummer of the blockbuster band Demon’s Wings.  She was famously kidnapped by her biological father when she was nine years old.  Her best friend was Harris Cutter, the son of the drummer of Otherworld, a close friend of her parents – they toured together, Harris even shared her family’s tour bus.  Eight years later she and Harris have grown apart because Lucy began to crush on Harris when she was eleven but he started chasing other girls and sowing his wild oats and to him she was merely still his best friend.  Now Harris is 21 years old and has opened a new club in LA featuring hot new bands, dancing and drinks – a popular spot to see and be seen.  Everyone in Demon’s Wings went to the Grand Opening except Lucy.  She heard that Harris was very hurt that she wasn’t there but she just couldn’t bring herself to go.  But Harris has been emailing her to come to his club and bring any and all of her friends.  So Lucy decided to bite the bullet and go with her best friend Kin – new to LA and has the home life from Hell.  With her bodyguard tagging along she goes to Harris’ club and Harris acts like a complete jerk to her and she and her friend leave early.  The next day he comes to her house and apologizes for his behavior and explains the circumstances.  He also reminisces about the old days about when their families’ bands toured one summer and they got to hang out all of the time they didn’t have to call or text they were just together anytime they wanted.  He wants things to be like that again.  He never wanted their friendship to end – he never forgot about her and he always wants her to be in his life.

The next time she goes to Harris’ club is Open Mic Night and Kin is going to perform.  Things between Lucy and Harris are much more loose and playful with selfies and joking around.  It’s time for Open Mic Night to begin so Harris has a few things to do in his office before he can get things started.  Once he finishes up and gets things rolling he goes back to sit with Lucy and his friend.  Lucy’s friend Kin is performing a moving song about her mother who recently passed away and it affects Lucy so Harris reaches out and squeezes her hand.  Right then the bottom drops out from Harris and is world stars to spin until he feels dizzy – he realizes he’s in love with Lucy.  His brain tells him that he’s stupid because he’s always been in love with her he’s just been too big of an idiot to realize it.  But because she’s only 17 years old so he can’t do anything until her birthday and she turns 18.  He doesn’t know if he’s going to survive until those few months.  Harris gets more and more over protective of Lucy to the point of even almost getting in a fist fight with his best friend and firing his best bartender.  But one night Lucy goes to Harris’ office and finds Harris in a lip-lock with another woman.  Lucy is extremely angry and upset.  Harris tells Lucy that the woman is only trying to cause trouble between he and Lucy because he sent his friend – the woman’s girlfriend to rehab.  But Lucy finds that story hard to believe.

“Catching Lucy” is the textbook classic “Friends to Lovers” romance.  Terri Anne Browning gives the reader a New Adult next-gen spin-off of her Rocker series with characters that are likeable, charismatic, and delightful.  The storyline is a slow burning build up to the next installment following the growth of Lucy and Harris’ relationship.  The action and conflict is minimal and there is no sexual activity.  Again, it feels as though this serial is mainly for fans of Terri Anne Browning’s Rocker series – which is fantastic so if you haven’t read it – I recommend it because it’s like potato chips … you can’t read just one.

I’m giving “Catching Lucy” 3 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This book was provided in exchange for an unbiased review.

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