Review: “Craving Lucy” by Terri Anne Browning

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Small Craft Warning

“Craving Lucy” is the second installment in Terri Anne Browning’s Lucy & Harris serial.  This first two books cover only a short span of time so there isn’t much character growth although the relationship between the Hero and Heroine, Lucy and Harris, does grow significantly from friends to serious boyfriend and girlfriend.  Again, this book does not have any sex scenes there is a “heavy petting” scene but that’s as steamy as things get.  There is a major cliffhanger with a surprise reveal about a secret Lucy hasn’t told anyone – not anyone in her family or Harris.  This cliffhanger definitely will leave you wanting to get your hands on the final installment of the serial – “UN-Shattering Lucy”.


** If you haven’t read “Catching Lucy” there are some spoilers here so read at your own risk.**


After Lucy and Harris have their first kiss Lucy is expecting to see Harris or for him to call, or at the very least text.  But eleven days go by and she has heard no word from him – no indication that he is even alive.  When she and Kin go to his club for open mic night the moment they walk in his security man informs Lucy that Harris wants to see her in his office.  Lucy tells the giant security man that since Harris didn’t feel the need to call her she doesn’t feel the need to go to his office.  When Lucy and Kin arrive at their table the waitress comes to their table and tells Lucy that Harris would like for her to come to his office.  Kin tells the waitress that Harris can have “intimate relations” with himself.  Finally, Harris’ best friend comes to their table and relays the same request and Lucy has some choice and not so complimentary words for him as well.  Finally, Harris finishes with his paperwork and makes his way to Lucy’s table just in time to hear some guy say something incredibly insulting to her.  Before her bodyguard, the club’s security, and even Harris can get to her Lucy punches the guy breaking his nose.  Security detains the guy and Harris takes care of Lucy taking her to the ER.  While at the hospital Harris explains that he had to go to see their friend Jenna in rehab because her girlfriend had almost convinced her to leave early.  He persuaded her to stay and tell her that the girl was trouble and may cause her to relapse when she gets out.  Harris tells Lucy that he didn’t regret kissing her and even though Lucy didn’t want to make their relationship public he considers her to be his girlfriend.  Lucy confessed that she is in love with Harris and probably has been since she was 12 years old.

Harris goes to take Lucy out to dinner and then to the club, when he picks her up at her house he runs into her infamously violently overprotective father.  Jesse Thornton surprises Harris by telling him that he’s glad that he’s the one and that he can probably sleep better at night now that Harris and Lucy have moved to being boyfriend and girlfriend.  But of course Jesse also gives Harris a blood chilling warning if he should ever hurt Lucy.  At the club all Hell breaks loose due to Kin’s step sister and Lucy has to leave early.  Harris is disappointed because Lucy he doesn’t get to spend more time with him and she doesn’t’ tell him she loves him.  She comes back to see him and things are awkward and she still doesn’t say the words to Harris and he realizes that he hasn’t said the words to her so Harris tells Lucy that he loves her.

Lucy is in a haze of love and Kin warns her to be careful because she’s been there and had the rug pulled out from under her.  When they leave school Kin is surprised by her step-siblings from back home who have come to try to spend some of the Christmas holidays with her.  But Kin has been grounded by her California step mother because of the shenanigans her “mean girl” step sister pulled at the club the other night.  Lucy volunteers to take the nice step-siblings to the club but Angie can’t make it so it’s only Caleb and Lucy.  Of course seeing Lucy with another guy has Harris all alpha possessive caveman and he takes Lucy to his office where Lucy gives Harris a piece of her mind about him not trusting her.  Harris explains that he’s never felt this way before and he just gets so jealous when any man even looks at her.  Then Lucy have a serious make out session in his office which ends up explosively.

Finally, Lucy’s birthday is here and she finally tells her father that she and Harris are boyfriend and girlfriend and she is shocked when Jesse is incredibly cool with that information. Harris takes Lucy out for a day of things she wants to do, dinner, giving her a birthday gift, and finally to the club.  At the club is a huge surprise party planned, and attended, by her large and extended family.  The party goes late into the evening and Lucy is so tired that her parents end up taking a very sleepy Lucy home.  Harris goes back to his apartment ready to go to bed.  He has a cold drink before heading to the shower.  When he gets to the bathroom everything starts going wonky.  The next morning Lucy gets some disturbing emails and desperately needs help.

“Craving Lucy” definitely ends on a true cliffhanger with characters in emotionally bad places as well as dangerous ones.  There is also a dark secret which is revealed that has you worried about the future of one of the main characters.  The side book in this serial, “Rocker’s Kin” runs concurrently to “Catching Lucy” and “Craving Lucy” and you see everything that is happening with Lucy and Harris from Kin and Jace’s points of view.  Which is also illuminating.  Terri Anne Browning’s Lucy & Harris serial isn’t big on character growth in these two installments but the New Adult romance (no sex) is there.  It is on the frustrating and angsty side, which isn’t my style, but it still has me pretty well hooked and wanting to see the final outcome.

I’m giving “Craving Lucy” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Small Craft Advisory.


This book was provided in exchange for an unbiased review.

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