Review: “Getting Off” by Katherine Stevens

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Storm Warning

The “I Love Lucy” of Thanksgiving Romances! Katherine Stevens had me belly-aching laughing non-stop while reading “Getting Off”, her follow up novella to “Going Down”.  This novella MUST be read after reading “Going Down” – it won’t make any sense unless you do.  We met Cole and Cici in “Going Down” in the penultimate Meet/Sexy/Cute in which they find themselves stuck overnight in an elevator and enjoy a dinner of whatever Cici has at the bottom of her purse, a movie on her cell-phone, and adorably sleeping draped on each other.  Oh yeah, and they have up against the wall wild monkey, screaming-the-name-of-dead-presidents, sex … Just before Cici finds out Cole is her newly hired executive assistant.  We catch up with Cici and Cole’s well established and happy relationship as they are off to visit his family for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Of course, calamity ensues.  This is mainly due to Cole’s outrageously unpredictable and inappropriate brother, John.  Cole’s Dad is also an uproarious source of amusement – being that he is the Game Master, Imminent Edict Issuer, and Rule Enforcer.  With the Danvers Family Game Night is akin to “Board Game Mash-Up” meets “The Hunger Games”  The most traumatic event of the weekend might be the Holiday Horror of the Feast That Almost Wasn’t.  The Danvers family’s maid is unable to come to cook – see a John produced mishap.  Only Cici and Cole are able to navigate their way around a recipe and are aided by the hilariously well-meaning but comedic and completely inept family.  Cici has a surprise churning in the background that she is debating on whether or not the time is right to pull the trigger.  In the end she isn’t given much of a choice.  Even though Cole’s family is well off they are delightfully a highly functioning and highly competitive bunch of eccentrics.  Cici’s parents are a bizzaro hoot and a half and we get a “drive by” by her brother Zack and his wife and son.  Katherine Stevens is playing in the big leagues with the likes of Tara Sivec in her Elevator Series and this “Going Down” novella is jam packed with fantastic one-liners that are worthy of becoming catch phrases.  There are also so many sweetly romantic sentimental moments and naughty and racy sex scenes that are just incredibly fantastic and just make this book truly a party of Fun, Steaminess, and Romance.  ” “Going Down” and “Getting Off” are ABSOLUTELY One Click purchases!

I’m giving “Getting Off” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novella was provided in exchange for an unbiased review.

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