Review: “Gangster Moll” by Bethany-Kris and Erin Ashley Tanner

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“Gangster Moll” is the second book in a three book series therefore details about the storyline will be brief and not in depth.  My review will be more focused on the characters and how they may have changed and grown since the previous book as well as characters who play more important parts in this book.  Of course, my opinion on the book is in there as well.

“Gangster Moll”, Bethany-Kris and Erin Ashley Tanner’s second installment in their Gun Moll series is an action packed Mafia Romance.  This book is part of a three book series and ends in a cliffhanger – so reader beware.  “Gangster Moll” doesn’t have as much of the Sexy and Romantic punch as the preceding book which is due to the criminal thrills and intrigue.  However, there is a proposal, wedding, and more happy events but the action overshadows and cuts down the sexy times.

Melina has mellowed for several people:  Mac, his mother, and his sister as well as Don Luca and his wife Neeya.  But to those men that seem to threaten her or Mac she is as cold and sharp-tongued as ever.  Mac has been promoted and is running his crew tightly and efficiently.  The Don’s wife, Neeya, has taken Melina under her wing so Mac finds himself in an interesting position in Luca’s eyes.  Don Luca has a soft spot for Mac and he respects his opinions and trusts him.  Luca can’t outwardly show any favoritism toward him since many Capos dislike Mac since he is the youngest and was moved up the fastest.

Mac and Melina are in the spotlight within the Family, in a very bad way.  Whenever there is an event being held for them all Hell breaks loose.  Gunshots are fired and someone always dies.  People suspect there is something up with them.  Either Mac and Melina are causing the trouble or everyone is in danger because someone is out to get them.  Also the Pivetti crime family is under siege as a whole – there is a rat amongst them.  Everyone is distrustful of everyone else causing the organization to be at the point of collapse.  The stakes of life and death are in the foreground, Mac and Melina find themselves in the hospital more than once.

Mac is still the Alpha caretaker but he has so much more responsibility and worry to shoulder.  Unfortunately, this robs the book of his wonderful arrogance and mischievous nature.  Melina is also more muted and subdued – although she is still an Alpha female and a spitfire.  One shining star is Mac’s loyal but smart mouthed protégé Enrik – I love his character!  Intrigue and Danger are the stars of “Gangster Moll” but Mac and Melina are stronger than ever in their relationship.

I’m giving “Gangster Moll” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This book was provided, voluntarily read, and reviewed without bias.

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