Review: “Needing the Memories” by Terri Anne Browning

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“Needing the Memories” is a sweet side novella to The Rockers series featuring Drake and Lana.  All of the members of Demon’s Wings and their families make appearances in this story.  Sometimes the encounters happen in a humorous way – Ah, puppy love.  Terri Anne Browning includes an extremely short subplot regarding Lucy and Harris.  This highlights the important relationship which has developed between Lucy and Drake due to their mutual addictions and demons.  But the Main focus of this novella is the result of two events which occurred in the couple’s original book.  These events led to a major plot and a turning point in Drake’s life and the couple’s relationship.  This is something that Drake has blamed himself for.  It has tortured him and threatened his sobriety for about a decade.  This novella is about making amends, redemption, and love.

“Needing the Memories” is sweet and romantic.  It’s a fabulous After the Happily Ever After story for which everyone who’s been married for many years can relate.  Especially if you have, or have had children.  As always Terri Anne Browning’s Rockers are wonderful characters to revisit.  The storyline moves along smoothly and quickly.  Even though the subject matter is somewhat serious there are a few moments of giggle worthy humor.  Mainly courtesy of the younger generation.  “Needing the Memories” is a perfect story for a novella but it mainly it’s more of a side note in the world of The Rockers series.

I’m giving “Needing the Memories” 3 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novella was provided and voluntarily read and reviewed without bias.

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