The Best of Bookishness 2016

I can’t really think of a better title than this.  I think I’m covering pretty much every thing I can think of regarding Romance novels.  Books, Authors, Series, and Audio Books.  I tried to keep everything contained to 2016 but a couple of 2017 items snuck in.  In Audio Books I tried to make sure everything was released this year.  There were some older titles that I loved, Loved, LOVED and it KILLED me to leave them off the list.

There are so many books and audio books released in 2016 that I wanted to put on this list which I loved.  I know I forgot many and I did have to cut myself off.  If you notice  My Favorite Books is a weird number I could have kept going so I just … stopped.  Many of these books and audio books are part of series and duets that I adored.  Of course these books, audio books, duets, trios,and series are written by authors.  Many of these authors I already know and love and some I just discovered and quickly have become “One Clicks”.

Therefore with my freakish brand of OCD flag flying, I bring you my list of what I consider to be the Best of Bookishness.

Unusually my list are in a particular order – they are alphabetical!  Except My Favorite Books.  The first six are books in this list are books that I reviewed this year and they each received 6 Lightning Bolt reviews.



35 of My Favorite Books of 2016

“Preppy:  The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater” Part One by T.M. Frazier”

“Beard Science” by Penny Reid”

“Cream of the Crop” by Alice Clayton”

“Grin and Beard It” by Penny Reid”

“Dirty” by Kylie Scott”

“Pucked Over” by Helena Hunting”

 “All Shook Up” by Chelsey Krause

“An Indecent Proposal” by Katee Robert

“Anti-Stepbrother” by Tijan

“Aryn’s Desire” by Zoey Derrick

“Booty Call” by Ainsley Booth

“Bossman” by Vi Keeland

“Cake: A Love Story” by J Bengtsson

“Can’t Touch This” by Tess Hunter

“Crowned” by Jennifer Chance

“Dollar” by Pepper Winters

“Finn” by Arhen Sanders

“Hard Hitter” by Sarina Bowen

“Incredible You” by Lili Valente

“Ink Exposed” by Carrie Ann Ryan

“Keepsake” by Sarina Bowen

“Mister O” by Lauren Blakely

“Paper Princess” by Erin Watt

“Seducing the Marquess” by Callie Hutton

“Some Sort of Love” by Melanie Harlow

“Stripped Bare” by Emma Hart

“Taking the Score” by Kate Meader

“The Dead Come Calling” by C. C. Wood

“The Sexy One” by Lauren Blakely

“The Spire” by Kate Canterbary

“Too Hot to Handle” by Tessa Bailey

“Where the Snow Falls” by Bethany-Kris and London Miller

“Whispers and the Roars” by K. Webster

“Wicked Lust” by Sawyer Bennett

“Womanizer” by Katy Evans



15 of My Favorite Duets or 3 Book Series of 2016

Broken Doll Duet – Heather C. Leigh

Foolproof Love – Katee Robert

Hands On Serial – Cathryn Fox

Happy Crazy Love – Melanie Harlow

Hitched Serial – Kendall Ryan

Hudson Valley Series – Alice Clayton

Retrieval Duet – Aly Martinez

Seasons of Betrayal – Bethany-Kris and London Miller

Sugar Bowl by Sawyer Bennet

Sunstroked Trio – Cathryn Fox

Tall Dark and Texan – Kate Meader

The Royals – Erin Watts

To The Bone Serial – Lili Valente

True North Series – Sarina Bowen

Undone Vol. 1 – 3- Callie Harper



20 of My Favorite Series of 2016

A Sexy Flirty Dirty Series – Lili Valenti

Assassins Series – Toni Aleo

Brooklyn Bruisers Series – Sarina Bowen

Cowboys & Virgins – Alexa Riley

Crowns & Gowns Series – Jennifer Chance

Dirty Sexy Series – Carly Philips and Erika Wilde

Hot in Chicago Series – Kate Meader

King Series – T. M. Frazier

Montgomery Inc. Series – Carrie Ann Ryan

Off Campus Series – Elle Kennedy

Pucked Series – Helena Hunting

Rugby Series – Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway

The Boudreaux Series – Kristen Proby

The O’Malleys Series – Katee Robert

The Walshes Series – Kate Canterbary

The Winston Brothers Series – Penny Reid

The Wraith Files Series – C. C. Wood

Unleashed Vol. 1-4 – Callie Harper

Wicked Horse Series – Sawyer Bennett

Wrong Series – Jana Aston


10 of My Favorite Audio Books of 2016

“Dirty Sexy Sinner” by Carly Philips and Erika Wilde Narrated by Sophie Eastlake

“Easy Love” by Kristen Proby Narrated by Sebastian York and Rachel Fulginiti

“Falling in Deeper” by Shayla Black Narrated by Christian Fox

“Make Me Sin” by JT Geissinger Narrated by Teri Clark Linden and Sebastian York

“Mister O” by Lauren Blakely Narrated by Sebastian York

“Sweet Cheeks” by K Bromberg Narrated by Andi Arndt and Sebastian York

“Tapping the Billionaire” by Max Monroe Narrated by CJ Bloom and Eric Michael Summerer

“The Score” by Elle Kennedy Narrated by Savannah Peachwood and Andrew Eiden

“To Have and to Master” by Sparrow Beckett Narrated by Samantha Cook

“Trust” by Jana Aston Narrated by Erin Mallon and Lance Greenfield



My 35 Favorite Authors of 2016

Alexa Riley

Alice Clayton

C.C. Wood

Callie Harper

Carly Phillips

Carrie Ann Ryan

Cathryn Fox

Daisy Prescott

Elle Kennedy

Erika Wilde

Helena Hunting

Jenna Jacob

Jennifer Blackwood

Julia Kent

Kate Canterbary

Kate Meader

Katee Robert

Katy Evans

Katy Regnery

Kendall Ryan

Kristen Proby

Jana Aston

Jill Shalvis

Lauren Blakely

Lili Valente

Melanie Harlow

Penny Reid

Pepper Winters

Sarina Bowen

Sawyer Bennet

M. Frazier

Tessa Bailey

Toni Aleo

Vi Keeland

Zoey Derrick



All things considered 2016 was a great Reading Year for me.  It was also a fun year of Book Signings too!  Next year I’m going to be having a lot of give aways not only on my blog but on my Facebook Page as well.  So keep you eyes open!


I hope 2017 is a GREAT year for EVERYONE!


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