REVIEW: “Accidentally on Purpose” by Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis is the Go To Girl for addictive Sassy and Romancy books.  Her characters are always on point, Main Characters and secondary alike.  “Accidentally on Purpose” brings the reader back to the Heartbreaker Bay series.  The Hero, Archer, is uber Alpha.  He’s the head of a successful Security company that handles stakeouts to jobs requiring multiple firearms, knives, and Kevlar vests.  Elle, is an Alpha Heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a killer shoe collection.  She was a pick-pocketing street rat growing up, now she has a steady job, a home, and getting a degree.  She and Archer have a past that their friends don’t know about.  All they see is that it’s World War III whenever they’re in the same room.  The insults fly but the sexual tension is high.  As always Jill Shalvis draws you in with fabulous characters, an intriguing storyline and lightning quick banter.

Elle Wheaten’s the building manager for the Heartbreaker Bay building.  It houses a full service pet store, coffee shop, a pub among other businesses and a security company.  Whenever anything goes wrong Elle fixes it and finds out why things went off the rails.  Hunt Security is not only one of the tenants it’s also in charge of the buildings security.  Archer Hunt’s in charge leading a team of guys who do surveillance, intense physical gigs, and tech jobs.  The office is a steaming hotbed of hunky testosterone.  Archer Hunt’s a muscular hottie who makes cargo pants, side arms, and a Kevlar vest look better than “Magic Mike”.  Elle goes to yell at him about a security incident which occurred at the building.  Unfortunately the wind is taken out of her sails when she learns that Archer already handled everything.

Archer need Elle help on a job.  He needs something to distract the mark while the team commandeers his laptop, which he never lets leave his sight, and copy incriminating files.  Elle can use the money for tuition so she takes the job.  She poses as the woman selected from a dating site and Elle dresses to distract.  One of the guys on the team prays for a nipple sighting over the comm feed.  Archer is not amused.  Elle’s the perfect distraction they need.  They’re able to snatch the laptop, copy the files, and return it as if nothing’s happened.  When the mark gets too “handsy” Archer swoops in and intimidates the guy away.  Elle insists that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need Archer’s caveman ways.  But Elle feels as though she owes Archer for something he did for her in the past costing him everything.

Elle’s family is the definition of dysfunctional.  All she had left was her sister Morgan.  But Elle cut ties with her when Morgan didn’t take the opportunity to get her act together.  Morgan shows up at Elle’s office and she usually turns up only when she needs something.  So Elle tells her she doesn’t trust her and closes the door in her face.  Morgan goes to plead to Archer for help because she was with Elle when he rescued her in the past.  Elle doesn’t trust her sister and her stories of rehab and going straight and tells Archer he’s a fool.  Archer’s a smart guy who background checks, knows to not let his friends hire Morgan, and keeps her close.

Curiousity gets the better of Elle and Archer’s nosy and gossipy friends.  While on a camping trip the guys realize they forgot the s’more fixings at home.  The one guy with a girlfriend is recruited to call requesting an emergency camping delicacy food delivery.  The girlfriend brings Elle and another friend for company and navigation support.  While there a game of Truth or Dare is started.  One of the gang asks Archer what’s the deal between him and Elle and he gives a non-committal answer.  They turn the question to Elle and before she can answer Archer drags her away from the campfire.  A verbal sparring match ensues between Elle and Archer leading to a make out session that burn the forest down.  The physical and emotional Kraken has been unleashed.  However, Archer pushes back saying that something between them isn’t wise.  Elle is hurt and shuts him down.

However, the barn door has been opened and the lusty horses are running loose.  There is an exhausting pushing and pulling romantic angry sexual dance between Archer and Elle.  There’s a lot of baggage laden reasons why Archer is resistant to Elle.  Elle attempts to go on some dates which suspiciously end quickly with all clues leading to Archer.  Archer resists getting involved with Elle but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone else to have her.  He seems to keep pulling away frustrating Elle into washing her hands of him.  Archer snaps out of it accepting the fact that he can’t stop thinking about Elle.  He hasn’t stopped in ten years.  He gives in to his emotions and jumps head long into pursuing Elle.  However, Elle’s furious with Archer’s confusing rejections, his dating sabotages, and his panty enflaming kisses.  But Archer is determined to win the girl.

Morgan’s past is catching up with her and it’s effecting Elle who isn’t safe at work nor at home.  She finds herself having to stay at Archer’s apartment, must to his glee.  Morgan’s in danger as well and Archer quickly learns what it’s like to share a bathroom with two women.  The danger escalates to a fever pitch and lives are at risk landing someone in the hospital.  Words are said, messages are misconstrued, and one of the lovers disappears without a trace.

“Accidentally on Purpose” is laden with danger, sharp tongued witty banter, and spicy sexy times.  The story is loaded with Jill Shalvis’ hallmark charming and feisty characters.  Elle and Archer are unquestionably fun with the intensity they bring to their all out brawls and passionate encounters.  The guys on Archer’s security team are a wealth of comic relief.  The female contingency of Archer and Elle’s friends are enthusiastic cheerleaders offering questions, gossip and critiques.  Archer’s a super Alpha Hero with Neanderthal tendencies and a soft and gooey center.  Elle is an enviable Alpha Heroine who literally kicks ass on a semi-regular basis.  “Accidentally on Purpose” is largely character driven but has a tight storyline with good character development.  Some of the pushing away and pulling back becomes moderately tiresome.  However the characters, comic relief, and romance forgive a multitude of sins.  It’s always a joy to return to Heartbreaker Bay.

I’m giving “Accidentally on Purpose” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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