REVIEW: “Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon” by Julia Kent


The well honed and expected hilarious Shannon and Declan Hijinx, balanced with their intensely profound sentiments of love.  I LOVE Julia Kent’s “Shopping for a Billionaire” and the CEO series.  They’re so outrageously funny, clever, and so delicious;  I devour them in no time flat.  I’ve been invested in Declan and Shannon’s (a/k/a Hot Guy and Toilet Girl) story since book one.  Therefore, I feel like a proud (non-invasive) parent to be witness through to their Honeymoon.  This book begins the day after the wedding with some scene references to events in “Shopping for a CEO’s Fiancée”.  Shannon is caring, thoughtful, and kind; but she’s crazy and the most insane things happen to her.  Declan is the consummate business man; he’s calm under pressure, decisive, and unflappable.  Until Shannon.  Shannon and Declan’s story began completely by chance; their meeting was awkward, memorable and infamous.

Shannon and Declan escaped the “Momzilla” wedding extravaganza planned by Shannon’s mother heading to Las Vegas instead.  Despite the usual crazy antics that follow Shannon, and Declan by association, they had a tasteful and small wedding.  The next morning is when this book begins on their flight out on the Anderdec private jet to Hawaii.  Declan resigned his position in his father’s company.  He’s now the CEO for the coffee chain he bought for Shannon as a wedding gift.  Shannon wants their Honeymoon to be a Sex Fest however Declan is attached to his Bluetooth headset doing business instead.  In reality he’s running interference for the absurd antics his insane mother-in-law and his publicity crazed father are pulling.  But yes, he is doing some business.  However, it’s regarding her new company but mostly trying to get a meeting with an eccentric Kona Coffee plantation owner.

Shannon is beyond frustrated and goes to some drastic measures to make Declan stop with the business calls.  When they reach the resort again more calamity befalls the couple.  Finally once they are ready to get down to “Honeymoon Business” they are continuously interrupted by overly attentive hotel staff.  Shannon continues to catch Declan sneaking in business.  Declan’s makes an attempt to make things up to Shannon.  Serendipitously it is met with both good fortune and bad; depending on how you look at it.  Things come to a point where Shannon wants to just go back home; but there is an eleventh hour plan.  This plan may turn disaster into a revelation of the beauty and depth of Declan and Shannon’s love.

“Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon” has some great moments and surprise characters.  Characters that I hope will show up again for their sheer comic value.  Julia Kent makes this book completely Declan and Shannon centric.  “Shopping for a Billionaire” runs the gamut of emotion.  Julia Kent touches back on the comic gold chance meeting between Shannon and Declan.  Then she brings it around to a deep introspection of the profoundness of their Love.  As usual “Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon” follows the trend of the rest of the series and has a quick pace.  The characters are quirky and playful.  The plot is romantic, comic, and thoughtful.

I’m giving “Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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