REVIEW: “Text 2 Lovers” by K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield

Wow!  “Text 2 Lovers” is a 6 on a scale from 1 to 5!!  K Webster and J.D. Hollyfield took me on a literary rollercoaster ride and I didn’t want it to end.  I devoured “Text 2 Lovers” like a chocolate cake at fat camp!  The laugh out loud moments, in the first few pages, will hook you.  The dark and desperate heart wrenching moments will gut you.  Ram and Dani, are FANTASTIC!  They’re people who are in a sad place but are typically kind with quirky senses of humor.  When they connect accidentally, via text, there is an instant “click”.  They discover that they’re the pieces that make each other whole and happy.  Ram’s brother , Roman, and Dani’s best friend Andi are the most delicious brand of comic relief.  I couldn’t get enough of them and I’m delighted that they’re getting their own book!

Dani and her best friend Andi are at a bar so Dani can drown her sorrows.  She learned that her no good boyfriend was cheating on her.  Then the jerk proposed to his side piece with an engagement ring he bought with money he “borrowed” from Dani.  Dani is too nice and can’t say “No” to anyone, even knowing that she’s being taken advantage of.  Andi, however, has no qualms about expressing her emotions verbally or physically.  Dani’s tale of woe is so bad the bartender starts pouring them free shots and chimes in with revenge ideas.  Andi deletes the ex-boyfriend’s phone number from Dani’s mobile.  After some liquid courage and coaching from Andi and the bartender Dani decides to tell off the ex via text.  Since she’s drunk she believes she’s texting her ex, actually she’s verbally assaulting a stranger.

The stranger starts replying back, amused by Dani’s verbal insults, which Andi and the bartender coached her to type.  When the stranger responds with a quote from one of Dani’s favorite films she realizes her phone number mix-up.  Ram’s been depressed after being set up by his ex-girlfriend at work.  She made him look so reprehensible that they fired him in front of a crowd of co-workers.  He’s been suffering from depression and insomnia.  But when he starts receiving the adorably entertaining angry insults from a stranger he finds his “Happy”.  He’s concerned he’ll never hear from the stranger again, who he hopes is a female close to his age.  Ram’s relieved when he gets apology texts the next morning.  He’s even more excited to learn that the mystery texter is a actually a girl approximately his age.

They fall into an easy banter becoming friends and getting to know each other better than they did their exes.  Their texts turn flirty and quickly move into liking, liking each other.  Their texts become phone calls then phone sex.  They are practically going steady when they’ve never even met.  Ram wants to meet Dani but she keeps refusing uncertain if he’s an ax murder or not.  Ironically they physically, and unwittingly, cross paths.  They find the “human” versions of their texting alter-egos attractive.  It’s during one of these coincidental “path crossings” that Ram figures out that the cute girl is actually “his Dani”.  Although she used an assumed name before they met.  When they finally run into each other and Dani learns that the cute guy is “her Ram” their chemistry explodes.  From that moment on they become inseparable.

Ram invites his brother Roman to meet Dani and her friend Andi.  Roman and Andi despise each other on sight.  However after a few drinks their insults become amusing, almost a contest of one-up-manship.  Dani and Ram’s relationship develops into a serious one and Ram tells Dani he loves her.  For some reason even though Dani feels the same way she can’t say the words to him.  Dani’s alone in his apartment the evening she’s going to tell Ram she loves him.  Ram’s ex makes an unexpected visit using her old apartment key.  She tells Dani the slanderous reason why Ram was fired from his job.  Dani knows the story’s false, that Ram wouldn’t do something like that.  However she told Ram that if he ever lied to her that she’d end their relationship.

After the altercation with his ex she flees his apartment and refuses to see him or speak to him.  Dani doesn’t listen to Ram’s reasons for not telling her the whole story about why he was fired.  During Dani and Ram’s relationship Roman and Andi had been having a secret “angry sexual” relationship.  But Andi refused to even listen to Roman and remains deeply entrenched in “Team Dani”.  The result of the break up is devastating to Dani but for Ram it’s destructive.

  1. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield have written a novel that was better than my wildest expectations. The book blurb had me intrigued but the book had me gobbling it up it up with singular focus. “Text 2 Lovers” completely has me addicted.  The storyline is clever and engaging.  The characters are charming and entertaining.  The pace is quick and steady.  And the sex is hotter than the heat of a thousand suns!  “Text 2 Lovers” had me utterly enthralled and completely in the palm of its hand.  All I can say is that YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!!

I’m giving “Text 2 Lovers” 6 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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