REVIEW: “All of Me” by Callie Harper

Seriously wicked hot second chance romance between a couple that have had the cards stacked against them from the start.  Callie Harper’s second installment in her All In series features Liam, the firefighter who the hero of “In Deep” visited.  I have been eagerly awaiting Liam’s book since closing the cover on “In Deep”.  “All of Me” is so incredibly sexxxy hot, more than I was anticipating.  But Callie Hutton can write those scenes like nobodies business.  Liam’s a dichotomy.  Locally he’s a good, fun, reliable guy; but there a dark sexual side he unleashes once a month.  He longs to marry and have a family and wants a wife who can fill both of those worlds.  Sophie’s been a Prima Ballerina for seven years, and quit because she’s lost the joy for it.  She’s tired of the backstabbing, the weight monitoring, and feeling like a show piece in society.

Callie Harper provides a fantastic backstory for Liam and Sophie.  Not only for their young love but for their separate lives as well.  Their histories overlap in that Liam and Sophie’s brother, Ian, were involved in a terrible boating accident as kids.  Most of the details of the story have been covered up in the media.  Sophie’s mother blames Liam for Ian’s injuries.  Ian was trapped under the mast and burned over most of his body.  He eventually left the island now living in an isolated castle in Scotland.  When Sophie was 17 and Liam 20 they fell in love, and were inseparable.  Sophie’s plan entailed going to New York and becoming a professional ballerina and Liam was going with her.  At the last minute Sophie left without Liam breaking his heart.  Neither forgot the other in all of that time, but they went on with their lives.

Liam’s father was a firefighter, an alcoholic and abusive.  He and his mother were often at the receiving end of his angry drunken binges.  Liam’s family has a large piece of property on the island that’s belonged to them for generations.  Although they aren’t wealthy the property is worthy millions.  Liam lives on a cottage on the property while his mother lives on the main house.  The thing that Liam wrestles with is the guilt he feels for the dark side of his sexual nature.  Liam wonders if he’s like his father in that he feel pleasure inflicting pain on women.  Deep down Liam knows it’s two completely different things; he’s still feels conflict especially after he introduces Sophie to this world.

Sophie’s siblings are messes.  Her eldest sister is in and out of drug rehabs and her daughter lives with Sophie’s mother.  Ian is in Scotland, brooding over his injuring and burn in a wheelchair.  There’s a chance he could get better but he prefers to hide away.  Sophie has to be the normal one.  So she’s bent to her mother’s passive-aggressive will for most of her life.  Sophie can’t remember if it was she who made the decision to become a professional dancer.  Now that she’s back, life in her mother’s social world is boring her to tears.  Her body inhabits the space and she responds to questions but her mind is elsewhere.  Sophie’s endured the difficult life of a dancer.  She performed with broken appendages, endured backstabbing corps members, and starved herself.  Sophie’s traveled, performed on the greatest stages in the world, and danced along side the greatest dancers.

When Liam and Sophie first see each other again it’s as though they’ve seen ghosts.  Sophie thought Liam would have found someone else and been married by now.  Liam thought Sophie would never return to the island and he never forgave her for dumping him seven years ago.  Sophie didn’t know what to do with her life until her niece said something about her teaching her to dance.  Then when Sophie found a historic building near a quaint shopping area she knew that was her studio.  The trouble with historic buildings in the Northeast is that the Historic Societies are terribly restrictive.  Liam works a few jobs; he’s a firefighter, a carpenter, and a fire investigator.  That’s where he sees Sophie, he’s determining if the building is to code and quite easily the electricity is not.  Since Liam’s still harboring a broken heart and a grudge he’s not very kind.

Sophie stubbornly continues with her plan.  She works on buttering up the Historic Society to lighten up on things.  Also trying to find contractors to work with her.  Liam can’t stay away, vacillating between friendly and antagonistic.  He helps her find plumbers and electricians and he offers his carpentry skills.  Suddenly, they can’t keep their hands off of each other.  Liam and Sophie come together and he warns her that he’s not the same gentle loving boy.  Then he shows her how his appetites have changed.  Sophie feels shock and fear but learns she likes and craves sex’s dark side.  Liam pulls away because he feels guilty, as though he’s no better than his father.  This cycle repeats quite a few times.  Whenever Liam disappears Sophie’s mother and friend push a socially acceptable man her way.  She doesn’t encourage him but she sees that “on paper” his guy’s perfect.

However during one of these evenings out with the society man Sophie’s life is in danger.  Then everything becomes clear to everyone.

“All of Me” is a hot, dirty, sexy book.  The second chance romance has it’s sweetness as an undercurrent running just under the surface.  Liam’s back and forth self torture is incredibly irritating.  Callie Harper does a great job with her secondary characters.  Sophie’s society “best friend” is terribly annoying – as she’s must be.  Regina, the coffee shop owner is wonderfully colorful.  Sophie’s mother is passive-aggressive, demanding, yet redeemable in the end.  Liam’s mother is a doll.  Jax is intriguing enough for you to tap your foot until his All In series book comes out.  Ian has a “cameo” which whets your appetite enough to make you impatient for his book as well.  Luckily the incredibly hot sex overpower Ian’s yo-yo relationship issues or my rating would be lower.  Liam and Sophie are engaging, charming, and delectable.  The pace could be faster but the storyline is good.

I’m giving “All of Me” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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