REVIEW! “Co-Wrecker” by Meghan Quinn

“Co-Wrecker” is a New Adult romance with my favorite kind of Hero … an eyeglasses wearing geek!  Andrew’s a dichotomy.  He’s over-eager, klutzy and awkward then he turns on the flirty, sexy charm and WHOA!  Where did that come from?  Sadie’s a complex Heroine.  When we meet her she’s at her darkest; her mother did a number on her, her father, and her sisters.  She’s lost her college career and the future she had envisioned for herself was taken away.  She has no hope or fight left in her.  Enter Andrew; he’s starting a new chapter too but he’s the flip side of the coin.  He’s eager to please, happy about his new job, and dying to make new friends.  Sadie doesn’t want new friends, she has all she wants.  However, the more she spends time with Andrew he cracks her protective walls and he makes her laugh and smile.

Meghan Quinn has written a complex Romantic/Comedy.  Sadie’s a deep and dark character that some readers may have a difficult time warming up to her.  She has lots of secrets that she hides because she’s ashamed.  But she also hides her relationship with Andrew because most of her friends want her to reunite with her ex-boyfriend.  Sadie’s been under a cloud of misery because of losses and distrust and she’s too tired to deal anymore.  She was using her ex as a comfortable crutch.  When Andrew makes her happy; she wants to use their “happy bubble” as a shield keeping the real world away.  Andrew and his family are a riot.  Sadie and her friends can be hoots.  Don’t get me started on the girl’s basketball team.  The storyline is compelling and the pace is pretty zippy.  The point of view in “Co-Wrecker” alternates between Sadie and Andrew.

Andrew’s transfers to a new college late for the Fall and moves into some unusual housing for the summer.  He’s ecstatic to have a job at a restaurant’s ice cream parlor for actual money.  In contrast to working at his family’s business getting paid in hugs.  When he shows up for training his trainer is a beautiful girl his age named Sadie.  However she’s not friendly to say the least.  She isn’t patient and it isn’t helping that he keeps getting distracted by the fit of her pants.  When Sadie’s friend drops by there’s an awkward incident involving Andrew slipping and sliding face first into her “sturdy bosom”.  A variation of that phrase becomes her new nickname.  Andrew’s enthusiasm grates on Sadie’s nerves because there is nothing in her life that is worth getting that excited about.

After a few weeks of working with Andrew his infectious sense of humor and forearms are wearing down her resistance.  It doesn’t help that her best friend invites him to one of their Summer weekend bonfires.  Andrew’s still more geek than charmer at the party but he has mad skills when it comes to Beer Pong.  After he and one of Sadie’s friends soundly beat another couple Sadie’s ex-boyfriend partners with him to play several games.  By the time Sadie catches up with Andrew he’s feeling fine and on the drunk side.  But a drunk Andrew is a different animal all together; he’s a confident incorrigible flirt and charmer.  This new side of Andrew throws Sadie for a loop.  Sadie tries to drive Andrew to his house but he passes out before she can get his address.  So she takes to her place.  This is the turning point.

Upon arrival Andrew boldly uses “Sugar Britches'” toothbrush before stripping down to his boxer briefs and climbs into her bed.  With nowhere else to go she sleeps in her bed.  Sadie wakes up to her breast getting a good squeeze like an orange at the market.  Next thing she knows is they’re dry humping when her roommate unexpectedly arrives at the apartment.  She makes Andrew climb out of the window, his boxers might be on – maybe not.  However she forgets to give him his car keys so he rings the doorbell naked to ask for them.  This ends up causing some delightful breakfast conversation between Sadie and her roommate.  During the scuffle to exit the window Andrew negotiated a date out of Sadie for that evening.  They ended up having a fun, easy, and excellent time.  Their relationship starts off tentative yet fast because of their chemistry.

Sadie tries to isolate them as much as possible from her circle of friends.  She’s getting pressure from her ex who wants to try to make things work while she wants closure.  Andrew wants a monogamous relationship which Sadie does as well.  However, she’s concerned about talking to her ex.  Even though she’s over him, he still has power over her because of their past.  Sadie also lies that she’s still in college because she’s ashamed to tell Andrew she’s a drop out.  Every time she is ready to confess her lies of omission something happens to prevent her from revealing the truth.  Andrew overhears a conversation laying it all out and he’s furious.  He’s over Sadie’s lies, deceptions, and distrust so he walks out of her life.

Meghan Quinn produces a thoughtful romantic comedy featuring a Hero and Heroine who start out as complete opposites.  The Hero is an enthusiastic, cheerful, hot and geeky optimist who’s an open book.  He remains a hot geek with a sense of humor but gains confidence, swagger, and a dirty mouth.  Me-Yow.  Sadie is a foul tempered pessimistic misanthrope, holding on to many secrets.  She’s been beaten down by life and has no fight left.  But Andrew helps her find her joy.  It’s up to her to find her new future.  “Co-Wrecker” has so many moments that make you laugh out loud and a couple which make you tear up.  I’d really like to re-visit this particular world of Meghan Quinn’s.  There are a few characters who I’d like to see get love interests and their own Happily Ever Afters.

I’m giving “Co-Wrecker” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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