REVIEW: “Dirty Filthy Rich Men” by Laurelin Paige

Keep in mind my rating as I give you my Warnings.  1.) This book has a Cliffhanger.  2.) This book has a What the Hell Cliffhanger.  3.) This book has sex scenes that might be BIG triggers.  4.) This book contains sex scenes that could be disturbing.  5.) The Hero is a Big Time Anti-Hero, he’s broken.  However, again, please refer to my rating.  Laurelin Paige had me in her grip from beginning to end.  I confess I had bought and read “Dirty Filthy Rich Boys” separately.  Before I started reading “Dirty Filthy Rich Men” I went to the end to see what was happening.  I NEVER do that.  I HAD to do that.  But the Epilogue merely skimmed, was deceiving.  “Dirty Filthy Rich Men” is twisty, turny, erotic, confounding, frustrating, and hotter than a thousand suns.  There are three main characters but no ménage events in the book.

The Heroine is Sabrina Lind, at the beginning of the novel she is a 17 year-old Harvard freshman.  She’s obsessed with Weston King, a fellow freshman.  She’s shy, smart, driven, a rule-following-good-girl attending Harvard on a scholarship.  Weston King comes from money and has no worries in university.  He’s a player, charming, women fall at his feet, he comes from generations of Harvard graduates, so he’s practically Teflon.  Donovan Kincaid’s the son of a Harvard graduate, his father and Weston’s are business partners.  Even though Weston and Donovan are like brothers they’re night and day.  Donovan’s serious, mysterious, observant to the point of appearing clairvoyant, he’s cold and calculating.  When part two comes around the men are basically the same.  Though Donovan is sharper with colder edges but Weston is still a safe and charming player.  Sabrina had to grow up fast but she’s now quite successful in her field.

The novel begins while the three main characters are attending Harvard.  Donovan is a Teaching Assistant, Weston and Sabrina are Freshman.  Sabrina is a wallflower, shy, dressing “frumpily”, and studious.  She has to be studious, she’s a poor kid attending Harvard on a scholarship and she can easily lose it.  She’s obsessed with the charming freshman playboy Weston King.  Every weekend she attends the party thrown at the house that he lives in with several other guys.  Sabrina never seeks Weston’s attention but she watches him select a different girl each week to take to his room.  The upstairs is off-limits but on this Saturday Weston doesn’t close the door all the way and Sabrina sneaks up.  Sabrina doesn’t know why but she peeks through the crack in the open door watching Weston with the girl.

When Weston closes the door a voice gets Sabrina’s attention.  He tells her that as long as she’s a virgin Weston’ll never touch her.  Sabrina gets riled because this man assumes she’s a virgin.  She is but how would he know, he speaks as if he knows everything about her.  When he offers to relieve her of her virginity.  She tells him that he probably doesn’t recognize her but he can’t because he’s her teacher.  Donovan Kincaid clarifies that he indeed knows who she is.  He tells her what her GPA is in the class, cites some of her papers and says her name.  He also points out that he’s not a teacher but a teaching assistant, he’s just a student.  Sabrina turns down his offer and leaves.  Before she can leave the property a guy from the party attempts to rape her.  But Donovan comes to her rescue.

After the attack Sabrina avoids Donovan and no longer sits in the front row.  She sits further back and coincidently Weston sits next to her.  She kind of bonds with him during class and he asks her to join him and a friend for lunch.  During lunch Weston asks Sabrina on a date.  The next day Sabrina receives a F on a paper, in the class in which Donovan is the TA.  It counts as half of her grade.  She goes to visit the professor but Donovan is in the office instead.  Sabrina’s undeniable attraction to Donovan results in a tempestuous sexual encounter in which she loses her virginity to him.  However a tragic event occurs which affects Sabrina’s position at Harvard.

Ten years later Sabrina’s in Advertising and coincidentally Weston and Donovan started their own agency in Manhattan.  Sabrina and her friend, and co-worker, came from Los Angeles to see Weston speak at a conference.  Her friend wants to see if Weston remembers Sabrina.  At first he doesn’t remember her but then it comes to him and he asks her out to dinner.  They have a non-stop sex-filled weekend.  Sabrina returns to California.  A few months later receives a call from Weston seriously offering her a position at his company.  She feels it’s safe because Donovan is heading up the company’s headquarters in Japan and accepts the offer.  When Sabrina arrives at the office the day before her official start date she’s learns about some big surprises.

Sabrina learns that Donovan is back at the Manhattan office.  Not only that but Weston is now engaged.  She’s a fake fiancée for business purposes but for the next few months he’s off the market.  She finds out, from Weston, he told Donovan about her the minute she walked out the door three months ago.  Not only that but it was shortly after that when Donovan suggested Weston get engaged for the strategic merger.  Donovan Kincaid is a Puppet Master.  But since he’s cruelly taunting her, pushing her away and toward Weston, she has no idea what game he’s playing.  As time goes on it appears that Donovan is drawn to Sabrina as she is to him.  Their attraction is volatile, edgy, rough, and violent.  When it’s over Donovan invariably shuts down and leaves and is usually cruel about it.

The longer this sexual relationship goes on Sabrina wants to put a label on it but Donovan doesn’t want to.  Even when it seems Donovan is getting tender feelings for Sabrina he rebels and says he can’t fall in love.  He explains that when he falls in love with women end up dying.  Sabrina knows that his fiancée died when he was in college and she figures it’s “survivor’s guilt”.  But Donovan tells her how it was his fault.  The way he loves puts people’s lives at risk.  With that Donovan sends Sabrina away.  The next thing she knows Donovan is already out of the country.

BOOM!  WTH?!?!?!  But there’s another book since it’s a Duet.  Laurelin Paige creates an Anti-Hero you truly don’t know if you love him or hate him.  He’s so damaged.  Donovan alludes that there’s more to Weston but you don’t see it in this book if there’s indeed more.  Weston and his “fiancée” are amazing together!  I love them SO HARD!  The “Dirty Filthy Rich Men” storyline is incredibly complex, erotic, and psychologically confounding.  The pace is fast, the sex is dirty, rough, and hot yet disturbing.  Donovan’s the star, he’s a tortured soul who torments Sabrina.  He seems to get an unholy satisfaction from it; then there’re times that you briefly catch his hurt and vulnerability.  You want to slap the teeth right out of his face while hugging him tight and stroking his hair.  Laurelin Paige you’re killing me.

I’m giving “Dirty Filthy Rich Men” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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