REVIEW: “Forever Mine” by Erin Nicholas

“Forever Mine” is the second book in Erin Nicholas’ Opposites Attract series.  This series focuses on three female friends who are all, in some fashion, geeks.  Maya is a retired police officer who now owns a martial arts studio with a focus on children.  She’s an expert on super heroes, weapons and empowering others; she’s intensely passionate.  Maya’s an All-In Alpha.  Alex’s a prominently known research physician in the field of pediatric blood disorders.  He recently learned he has a nine-year-old daughter who has hemophilia.  Alex has this disease as well though only his parents and his own doctor know.  Alex’s all about caution, vulnerability, and compartmentalizing.  Conversely Maya jumps in, takes risks, and her life is a blur of professional and personal all-in-one.  This is an instant attraction book which is light on the descriptive sex.  The storyline is rich, deep, and fun and the pace is quick.

Dr. Alex Nolen recently learned he has a nine-year-old daughter, the product of a one-night-stand.  Charli has serious health issues which prompted her mother, Rachel, to seek Alex out.  Rachel and Charli moved to Boston so Alex and his daughter can build a relationship with each other.  Alex’s trying to bond with Charli and she’s obsessed with a Sci-Fi action movie franchise, “Galactic Renegades”.  There’s a demonstration by a martial arts studio, at the mall, for a super hero kids program.  Alex’s interest is piqued especially when he sees the presenter wearing purple leather and a sword.  Apparently, she notices him too and is somewhat distracted by his presence.  They briefly speak while dealing with some teen hoodlum who are harassing a mall girl.  Then he disappears.  Shortly Alex appears at Maya’s school looking to sign up for the super hero class.  Not his daughter … him.

For both Alex and Maya their attraction to each other is undeniable and almost impossible to fight.  Alex will only say that Charli has health issues which prevent her from being able to attend the classes.  However he wants to show her the skills and techniques he learns under his personal supervision.  He talks about his daughter’s obsession with “Galactic Renegades” and other super heroes.  Alex explains how he tries to study up so he can understand what she’s talking about and share her interest.  Maya tells him about her blog that discusses all sorts of super hero topics including the one Charli’s passionate about.  So with Maya’s help he can become “the cool dad”.  The other “Win” part of this “Win/Win” situation is he’s more and more attracted to Maya each moment they’re together.  Alex has a new habit of silencing Maya’s enthusiastic ramblings with panty melting kisses.

Guilt riddles Alex; he feels guilty that he passed along this disease to Charli.  Guilty because he also missed the first nine years of her life.  Now he’s trying to make up for lost time by having dinner every night with Charli and Rachel.  He goes to Rachel’s house, she cooks dinner, they each together as a family, then watch television afterward.  Usually Alex feels a sense of domesticity but he also feels guilty because he should have feelings for Rachel.  She’s the mother of his child and he feels guilty because he thinks he should make things work between them.  But what he feels for Maya makes it clear that his feelings for Rachel are more like a brother now.  However, Rachel might be thinking about things differently.

Things to sexual between Maya and Alex quickly and soon they are spending almost every night together.  Alex finally tells Maya that Charli has a blood disorder.  Rather than feeling pity, her first thoughts are about how to build armor to protect Charli so she be physical.  Maya includes Alex in her and her friends’ social events and antics however he’s yet to introduce her to Charli.  The closest they get is a few brief sentences on the phone.  Things reach the point of explosion when Maya arrives unexpectedly at Alex’s apartment wearing a Supergirl costume.  She learns that there was a birthday party for Charli earlier.  Now Charli, Alex, and Rachel are having a cozy sleepover at his condo.  Maya is devastated as she walks away.

Erin Nicholas’ story’s incredibly rich revolving around the disease of hemophilia.  She integrates it with notions of Vulnerability, Invincibility, and Super Powers.  The romance in “Forever Mine” is strong and sweet, the sex is sultry but with a light touch.  The characters are wonderfully “All In” in regard to their attraction to each other.  Alex is wonderfully giddy whenever he’s around Maya; the chemistry and flirting zings intensely.  The only irritatingly angsty thing is Alex’s waffling feelings about Rachel.  Wondering if he should be with her merely because they share a daughter.  As far as secondary characters go, Charli is not an irritating child and Rachel is mildly irksome.  Kiera and Sophie are predictably predominant.  However it’s the boys:  Zach, Rob, and Sam who play an important part for Alex.  The Opposites Attract series is strong and I’m all for Geekiness in every form it comes in.

I’m giving “Forever Mine” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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