REVIEW: “Love, Honor, and Ink” by Carrie Ann Ryan

This is a novella on the fringes of the Montgomery Inc world.  The hero’s, Harper, who’s working under Storm and Wes Montgomery, trying to prove he’s qualified to be a full-time foreman.  He’s been in love with his best friend, Arianna, as he can remember, but she’s oblivious.  Harper’s loyal, strong, and Alpha, he’s afraid to confess his feelings to Arianna fearing he’ll lose her.  Arianna’s the only child of the owner of King Wedding Planners.  She’s put into a no-win situation so she quits and starts her own business rather than give in.  Arianna’s determined, single-minded, and independent.  “Love, Honor, and Ink” is a short Friends to Lovers novella.  The length keeps it from being as sexy as Carrie Ann Ryan’s full length novels.  The pace’s slows only when Arianna frets over the growing seriousness of her relationship with Harper.  The characters are strong and the storyline’s intriguing.

To Arianna Harper is just the perfect best friend.  Harper is always there for her when she needs him.  He always seems to know exactly what will make her feel better and what to do to fix her problems.  What Arianna doesn’t realize is that Harper knows these things because he’s in love with her.  And either she doesn’t’ see it or doesn’t want to acknowledge it.  It’s Harper who helps Arianna realize that she should start her own wedding planning company.  With Harper being there for her anticipating her every need she starts to develop feelings for him.  This is something she wants to avoid at all costs.  She knows that when the relationship ends, and it will end – they always do, she’ll lose her best friend.  Therefore she starts to distance herself from him.

Harper’s thrilled to finally be able to express his feelings for Arianna, touch her and kiss her whenever he wishes.  Their relation grows becoming sexual and serious enough that he can refer to her as his girlfriend.  He promises he’ll always be there for her as long as she needs him.  Always.  But Arianna is apprehensive and afraid they’ll no longer be friends if things don’t work out between them.  Harper continuously tries to reassure her of their “staying power”.  Arianna’s fears manifests themselves in other ways.  She gets frustrated and annoyed with Harper whenever he swoops in rescuing her from every calamity and issue that arises.  Even when random and almost catastrophic issues arise which could ruin the weddings she’s planned.  Has she lost her touch, is it merely bad luck, or something more.

“Love, Honor, and Ink” is an enjoyable short read.  It’s not as wild and sexy as the Carrie Ann Ryan books I adore.  However it works as something to tide me over until my next fix.  We get to see a few Montgomerys which is always a good thing.  The main characters are engaging and likable.  There is one main secondary character and she’s delightful.  This is a nice little addition to the Montgomery Ink family and hopefully we’ll see more of Harper in series.

I’m giving “Love, Honor, and Ink” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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