REVIEW: “His Lucky Charm” by Frankie Love

Luck comes in two flavors:  Good and Bad.  Frankie Love’s romances come in two flavors as well:  Nice and Hot.  “His Lucky Charm” has a hero blessed with Good Luck and a heroine who suffering with only Bad.  A bet, made between brothers, in a Dublin tavern causes fate to intervene.  Conor’s an Irishman living life on his own terms; eschewing the rat race to live on this family’s mountain property.  He gives tours of the Irish countryside to tourists.  Clover’s an American who’s lost her boyfriend, her home, and her job.  She’s come to Ireland searching for rainbows hoping her luck will change.  “His Lucky Charm” is a shorter book loaded with spicy sex and sizzling heroes.  The characters are more than likable; they’re delightful and charming.  The pace is quick and the storyline is simply sexy with quickly building romance which quickly and claims your heart.

Conor joins his workaholic brother, Patrick and his best friend, Sean, in a Dublin tavern.  Patrick and Sean have a lot to drink and comment on Conor’s unerring Good Luck.  However, Patrick, claims that much of Conor’s luck is because Conor deals with many female tourists with his job.  Conor owns and runs The Lucky Irishman Tour Company.  So the brothers bet Conor can’t make a woman fall in love with him in a week.  If Conor can do it he’ll get the mountain property his parents left Patrick in their will.  Patrick’s winning mean’s Conor’ll not get the land and he’ll lose his mother’s wedding ring that his mother left him.  The only hitch is that Conor’s brother has to pick the woman from the patron’s in the bar.  After looking at all the patrons a bedraggled and surly American woman comes into the bar map in hand.

Clover’s been in Ireland for 3 weeks and her bad luck hasn’t changed.  She came in search of rainbows and hasn’t seen one yet.  Clover’s booked a private tour with The Lucky Irishman Tour Company because they practically guarantee rainbow sightings on every tour.  As soon as she walks into the tavern  a massive Irishman’s yelling to get her attention.  Next to him are two drunks laughing at her.  The giant yelling Irishman’s gorgeous with an ovary melting accent making lewd innuendos about meat pies.  He’s introduces himself as Conor and the other men as his brother, Patrick, and friend, Sean.  Conor and Clover exchange rapid fire flirty banter.  Clover plays hard to get but Conor’s persistent.  Finally, Clover acquiesces agreeing to stay at Conor’s mountain cabin.  Normally she’d refuse but Clover’s decides perhaps her bad luck is her own making; she’s attempting to change her ways.

While riding to Conor’s cabin Clover decides she doesn’t just want to change her luck she wants to get lucky.  Conor’s definitely on board with that.  They’re barely through the door before their clothes are coming off and worshiping each other’s bodies.  They get lucky all night long.  Conor learns Clover’s looking for rainbows, for luck.  As soon as she sees one she’ll return to the US.  She tells him she’s must leave because she has a tour with The Lucky Irishman.  Clover can’t believe that Conor owns that touring company and he takes her in search of rainbows.  They go on a three mile hike two, ways never finding a single rainbow, much to Clover’s dismay.

Actually Conor’s wracked with guilt because he saw at least a half a dozen rainbows that day.  But he distracted Clover every time because he didn’t want her to see one and leave.  Partially due to the bet but also because he just doesn’t want her to leave.  When they get back to the cabin that night they again have incredibly hot sex.  Everyday this pattern continues and Conor keeps feeling more and more guilty.  Clover’s also torn about finding a rainbow.  She wants to see one but she realizes that she doesn’t really have anything waiting her back in the US.  The time Conor and Clover spend together becomes more meaningful with each passing day.  Finally Conor tells her he loves her and Clover tells him she loves him too.  Then Conor tells Clover about the bet and that changes everything.

I love Frankie Love’s seasonal stories; they’re sweet and steamy little holiday gifts.  “His Lucky Charm” is loaded with ambiance, color, and flavor.  Conor and Clover are vibrant and playful characters with whom you can’t help but fall in love.  The pace is quick and the storyline is quaint and clever.  Conor and Clover are the main focus so the main secondary characters are Conor’s brother, Patrick and best friend, Sean.  They aren’t thoroughly fleshed out but that’s only because the story isn’t that long and their roles aren’t that necessary.  “His Lucky Charm” is one of those stories that you just want to climb into and move in.

I’m giving “His Lucky Charm” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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