REVIEW: “Private Reserve” by Cathryn Fox

Good things come in small packages … “Private Reserve” wasn’t good … it was dirty, dirty, dirty AF!!!  And it was EPIC!  This is the first novella in Cathryn Fox’s new Dossier series.  The sex scenes are M/M, M/F, and M/M/F.  Olivia’s a preacher’s daughter and Gio’s the son of an Italian winery owner.  They were college sweethearts but Gio broke up with Olivia years ago,leaving her brokenhearted.  Luca’s been Gio’s best friend since he moved to Italy from the US when he was five years old.  Gio and Luca’ve been best friends since they met.  Luca knows Gio still loves Olivia and tells him to win her back.  “Private Reserve” is really compact so the secondary characters’ roles are limited.  The focus is mainly on Gio and Olivia, and Luca.  The pace is fast and the sex is intensely hot.  Have a change of undies at the ready.

On a very drunken New Years Eve, Olivia and her friends make a pact.  The deal’s to have an epic adventure.  And your’re not come home until you’ve had rough, delicious “against the wall” sex.  Each girl writes their name on a slip of paper and puts it in a hat.  The person who picks it must keep it a secret.  On the month of the person’s 25th birthday whoever pulled that name sends the person a dossier.  The packet has information detailing a destination adventure designed specifically for that individual.  After several Jell-O and Tequila shots and most of a bottle of Champagne Olivia put her name in the hat.  Now Olivia’s in Italy, at a beautiful vineyard estate, for 3 weeks, which is littered with grey-haired geriatrics.  Hubba-Hubba.  Then she sees a dimpled Hottie roaming around.  She decides to find him after she checks-in and takes a nap.

Olivia’s put into a villa on the far end of the vineyard, which hasn’t been used in a while.  She opens the window to let the fresh air in and falls asleep.  Olivia’s awoken by the sound of men arguing.  When she goes to peek out the window she finds that they aren’t arguing they are passionately kissing.  Also, one of the men is the Hottie she saw when she arrived.  She can’t get a good look at what the other man looks like.  The kissing turns into fellatio and then to no holds barred sex between the men.  Olivia is so turned on she pleasures herself and climaxes along with the men.  She can’t help thinking about her college sweetheart, Gio, and the sweet sex they used to share.  Olivia often wished it was more intense like the rough and passionate ravaging that she just saw outside her window.

Gio’s meeting with his parents and grandfather trying to convince them his ideas will provide more revenue for the vineyard.  Unfortunately they won’t listen to him.  It’s family tradition that the eldest son inherits control of the vineyard once he marries.  However Gio hasn’t found a woman who’s captured his interest since he broke up with Olivia.  Ironically, both his mother and grandfather ask him why doesn’t he hasn’t contacted that nice girl.  Since he doesn’t date he obviously must still love her.  Gio realizes he has to do something so he goes to talk to his best friend Luca.  Luca agrees with Gio’s family; he should contact Olivia and marry her.  His family wouldn’t believe a marriage with another woman would be legitimate.

Gio reminds Luca the reason he broke up with Olivia is because of her innocence.  As Luca well knows Gio’s sexual needs are Dark and too intense for her to handle.  He didn’t want to scare her nor corrupt her and knew he’d lose her either way.  Not wanting her see that side of him, he broke up with her; breaking his own heart in the process.  Gio walks down a row of grapes finding Olivia tossing grapes into the air and catching them in her mouth.  The moment he sees her Gio says, “Marry me.”  Olivia chokes on a grape and Gio performs the Heimlich maneuver.  He tells her she’s staying at his family’s vineyard.  She tells him about the sexual adventure pact she was sent on.  Gio explains why he asked her to marry him, it’s order to get control of the vineyard.

Gio explains it can be in name only and make it worth her while.  He can help her get a prestigious job in New York City.  Olivia doesn’t know why, but she agrees.  For some reason Olivia feels as though Gio still has feelings for her and desires her as well.  She plans on trying to seduce him seeing if he’ll be more passionate with her in bed.  Gio and Olivia get married.  He plans on keeping things platonic because he doesn’t know if he can hold himself in check.  Olivia does her best to tempt him and it works, but Gio’s still holding himself back.  However he notices Olivia isn’t as shy and genteel as he thought.  The next day when Olivia is in Gio’s office Luca stops by and there’s an energy between them.  Gio steps out of the office to have a word with Luca.

When Gio re-enters the office he engages Olivia in some hot, dirty talking, rough, exhibitionist sex.  When they finish Olivia is crying.  Even though Olivia denies that he hurt her when he asks, he returns to having lukewarm “Vanilla Sex” with her.  Luca tries to tell Gio that he thinks Olivia would be open to his darker sexual side.  Gio refuses to believe it and scoffs at Luca’s theory that Olivia was crying tears of joy.  Olivia is looking for Gio and ends up finding something that has her coming to the wrong conclusion about things.  She’s on her way to the airport when Gio, with Luca’s help, must do everything to change her mind.

“Private Reserve” should come a Warning Label because the attraction is magnetic, electric, there’s chemistry and it’s combustible.  Cathryn Fox knows how to write books that require you to purchase the multi-pack of undies.  You may not lying but your panties will be on fire!  “Private Reserve” is like the Fourth of July because there are sparks flying everywhere.  Gio, Olivia, and Luca are charming, engaging and compelling characters.  They make the story intriguing.  And let’s not forget … Cheese and Crackers … this story is spicy and steamy as all get out!  Because this is a novella everything is streamlined and the action and pace move quickly.  I’m fascinated to see what the other stories in this Dossier series will bring.

I’m giving “Private Reserve” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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