REVIEW: “Romancing the Rogue” by Erica Ridley

Erica Ridley gives us another top notch Regency Historical Romance with a dashing hero and a fiery heroine.  “Romancing the Rogue is a Second Chance at Love novella the second in the Gothic Historical Romance series.  The hero is Daniel Goodenham, Lord North-Barrows, the childhood friend of the heroine, Rebecca Bond.  As a youth Daniel was smitten with Rebecca and still remembers her silky black hair and stormy grey eyes.  However because of his grandmother’s influence he gave her “the cut direct” when she was only 14 years old.  And again during her first Season in London, Rebecca never forgave him.  Her parents die before her second Season, so she’s lives in her great-uncle’s castle in Cornwall.  Rebecca is strong, independent and intelligent but unsophisticated.  Daniel is serious, sincere, and still holding a torch for Rebecca despite his reputation as a notorious London rake.

“Romancing the Rogue” has a tragic and conversely cute storyline which makes it rather intriguing.  Rebecca never got her chance at a Second Season in London due to her parents’ untimely death.  Since then she’s been living with her great-uncle largely forgotten in a notoriously haunted castle.  Rebecca goes largely unnoticed, the traces of her existence are usually attributed to the acts of a ghost.  She secretly works on the ledgers and designed the hedge maze on the grounds.  When her great-uncle dies there is no plans for her future or inheritance.  The new heir to the castle is prepared to cast her out giving her a month to find a husband.  With no experience in wooing a man she plans on asking the only man she knows, the man who broke her heart, Daniel Goodenham.  Lord North-Barrows.

Rebecca knows that Daniel will be coming to the castle with others for the reading of the will.  When he arrives she’s going to ask him for lessons in seduction in order to win a man.  Daniel learns of Rebecca’s great-uncle’s death and rushes there immediately.  He wants to apologize to Rebecca and explain his actions from all those years ago before other arrive.  He’s stunned and angered by Rebecca’s request to teach her how to attract a suitor.  Honestly, Daniel’s jealous and deep down wants Rebecca for himself.  Unfortunately he knows Rebecca will be “eaten alive” by the ton, his own grandmother leading the pack.  The best thing he can do is to help her find a nice man in the country.  Unfortunately he can’t stop growling whenever they approach her.  The question is how can these two find a way to be together happily and forever.

Erica Ridley knows how to write charming and fabulous heroes and her heroines are always strong, independent and intelligent.  Her characters are not overly angsty nor do they dither.  The pace of “Romancing the Rogue” moves quickly and steadily with humor and romance in equal measure.  This novella is short and sweet with a tight storyline.  This is a truly enjoyable little Historical Romantic read.

I’m giving “Romancing the Rogue” 4 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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