REVIEW: “Rules of Payne” by Elizabeth Lynx

A reboot of Elizabeth Lynx’s Romantic Comedy “Rules of Payne”.  This update’s beefier, more well honed, and defined, split into Henrik Payne’s point of view and Morgana Drake’s.  The humor’s weaker and once steamy sex scenes more like recollections and are a bit lackluster.  The characters are better fleshed out and less broad humored.  Some secondary characters, such as Edgar Mimir, seem to lose some of his sparkle.  Conversely, Evaleen Bechman, gets sharper their relationship is more clear.  The dialog in this reboot seems more stilted in the first half but the second half finds its footing.  Aria is still audacious and we get the hint of her romantic interest.  The pace is sluggish at the beginning of the novel but speeds up when it gets to the midway point.  All in all the reboot is a success in that the storyline is tight and the characters are well developed.

Morgana Drake loses her job and learns her boyfriend posted a sex tape of them on the internet.  But she realizes this is the opportunity she needs to find a job which will lead to a successful career.  Henrik Payne endures a morning of incompetent interviews to fill his assistant position.  No one has the qualifications and there’s only one candidate left, Ms. Drake.  One look at Morgana enflames him and he knows it’s inappropriate and if he hires her it will be trouble.  Unfortunately, she is the best qualified candidate for the job and secures the position.  In order to protect himself Henrik feels he must keep her as far away from him as possible.  He shuttles her off to almost every department in the company.  Henrik finds himself falling into traps sometimes because of alcohol sometimes merely in the heat of the moment.

Morgana and Henrik are caught in a compromising position at work, she leaves finding a job at another company.  But due to another run in with Henrik, Morgana loses that job and returns to work for him.  Their relationship grows strained and challenging.  Morgana and Henrik inadvertently makes an anonymous romantic connection.  Henrik realizes that a relationship between them cannot work because of their professional association.  He screws up by sleeping with her then pushes her away.  There’s another office place scandal causes one of the duo to get fired and there’s blame and betrayal.  Morgana leaves Henrik for another city.

The key quirky quality remains in this rebook of “Rules of Payne”, Morgana’s love of cake.  Her many Cake Meals throughout the day, that Henrik finds so adorable.  This version of the novel is more polished and refined however I miss the steamy sex and the broad humor.  The main and secondary characters have better definition.  The secondary characters romantic interests are more prominent this go round.  Hopefully this sets up more Cake Love books.  The book starts off a little rocky but finds its footing and ends on a strong note.

I’m giving “Rules of Payne” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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