REVIEW: “Salvation’s Inferno” by Kat Mizera

The blurb for this book really caught my eye, unfortunately it didn’t live up to my high hopes.  The premise for “Salvation’s Inferno” is good and the Hero, Dante Lamonte, is strong, sympathetic, and Alpha.  The Heroine, Becca Hernandez, regrettably is weak, whiny, wishy-washy, and her immense insecurities bring down the story and the pace.  I can’t count how many times my eyes rolled due to the heroine’s antics.  This is a stand alone novel, however Dante’s backstory seems to have begun in another Kat Mizera book.  Dante’s backstory:  the murder of his fiancée, unborn child, and best friend, occurred in one of her Sidewinders books. Consequently, this required me to play quite a bit of catch up.  On the upside, there are some super hot sex scenes.  The euphoria of the sex scenes are undone by the Heroine’s “wow this is fun/wow I’m a big whore” histrionics.

I want to like the book more but I just can’t get over this Heroine.  She’s high-strung, prudish, and pouts “no-one-takes-care-of-me” but demands, “I-don’t-want-you-to-take-care-of-me”.  Make up your mind!  Dante’s in love and there are no if-ands-or-buts to it.  He’s more patient than human mind can comprehend and goes to extreme measures to fix Becca’s problems.  Even affecting another persons personal and professional life. Becca does not appreciate Dante nearly enough.  If the Heroine had been stronger and the backstory action was a prologue I could have, perhaps, loved this book.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

I’m giving “Salvation’s Inferno” 3 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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