REVIEW: “Surviving Harley” by K. Webster

“Surviving Harley” is racy, feisty, wild-ride romance.  K. Webster throws together an alpha man of the wilderness with a strong-willed woman of the urban jungle.  The sparks fly when just their personalities clash.  Taylor resents when Harley tries to break through her walls; she doesn’t want him to see the vulnerable girl inside.  Once Taylor just lets go, she and Harley are a nuclear explosion of sexual chemistry.  “Surviving Harley” is a stand-alone book with no cliffhanger.  The pace is zippy, the opposites attract romance is intriguing, and the sex is fun and descriptive.  Taylor and Harley are the main attraction with a few lines spared for a secondary character or two.  Harley and Taylor are engaging and charming especially once they hit their stride on the road.  K. Webster ensures that the dangers, the couple face are perilous and chilling.

Taylor is a television show host known for attempting various jobs, tasks, and trials for ratings and publicity.  Now she’s married to a man chosen by audience voting and a panel of psychologists stating he’s her perfect match.  Taylor and the Canadian Survivalist are living in her posh New York City apartment which is wired with cameras everywhere.  She’s an OCD neat freak and he’s a slob who leaves his coffee grounds and clothes strewn about.  Taylor’s hanging on for the allotted 90 days, then she’s getting her divorce.  She and her producer have a Friends-With-Benefits arrangement that she hopes will develop into more.  Harley’s coming off a harsh betrayal by his ex-fiancée.  Hence he came onto this show to shake up his life and move on from his bad romantic experience.  Even though Taylor acts like a shrew he knows there’s more to her; he can see her vulnerability.

Harley can see that Taylor is attracted to him.  She struggles to not laugh at his jokes and not stare when his shirt is off.  He’s not immune to her perky assets either and if she’d just give in there’ll be a lot less arguing.  There will also be a lot more tasting, touching, and more … More.  Taylor’s legs will be too wobbly to worry about dirty clothes and coffee grounds on the counter.  When Taylor has an accident and Harley’s there to mend her wound the mood in the apartment shifts.  She’s had some wine and he wants to talk and with a few revelations Taylor’s walls come down.  The lust that they’ve been holding at bay runs rampant and they revel in each other.  In the morning Taylor marvels that Harley stayed in her bed with her.  Her previous lovers left right after the “main event” ended.

The televised marriage stunt might be for ratings but the station gets more than it bargains for.  There’s a wardrobe malfunction when Harley and Taylor consummate their vows in the room with the live feed.  When Taylor thinks her world is falling down around her she learns that it’s not just her.  The world as the US knows it is truly crashing down into certain chaos.  Harley charges in and rescues Taylor from the network suits.  With Harley’s survivalist skills he’ll attempt to get them safely across the US.  He owns some remote property that will hopefully still be unscathed.  Now Harley and Taylor aren’t navigating through sharks in suits; they’re trying to dodge unstable people with no moral compasses.

Webster has constructed a wonderful opposites attract romantic thriller. “Surviving Harley” features an irresistible growly dirty talking Hero. My favorite!  The Heroine is tenderhearted but has learned by hard experience to put up walls which are high, thick, and thorny.  The sex is hot and steamy and the danger is riveting and heart-pounding.  Taylor and Harley have a fabulous chemistry that translates to both antagonistic and harmonious states.  “Surviving Harley” is sweet, sexy, and exciting; it hits all of its points and then some.  A great read!

I’m giving “Surviving Harley” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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