REVIEW: “Unwritten” by Jen Fredrick

“Unwritten” has love at first sight, hot sex, secret longing, and a badass Heroine – who could ask for more.  This is the fifth book in Jen Fredrick’s The Woodlands series.  The Hero’s Adam Rees, a passionate perfectionist with a spot-on gut instinct and drive to prove himself.  He’s a musician trying to move from under his Rock God father’s shadow.  The Heroine’s Landry Olsen, a brilliant, introverted, computer coder.  She’s shy and tentative after being the victim of a stalker but coming into her own bravery.  Jen Fredrick loads this novel up with strong new secondary characters and brings back some past heroes and heroines.  The storyline’s good although some points need more repeating in order to remember their significance.  Jen Fredrick’s wonderful at lulling the reader into a false sense of security before dropping that other shoe.  The pace’s steady, story’s compelling, and the sexy is intensely Hot!

Adam’s band finished their set and he’s eager to find a certain red head.  This girl has him thinking he can stop having random hook-ups, because she’s the perfect girl.  However the search is put on hold.  There are instruments to move and a promoter, who his band-mates are excited about, to speak to.  The promoter’s planning a tour with several bands featuring a band with a hit record and them.  Adam’s skeptical but the cities and venues look good and their cut of the money looks legit.  Unfortunately the band hasn’t been able to record an album with Davis, their new lead singer.  However, his gut, and the band, tells him to do it.  He finds the red head, Landry, the lead singers’ little sister.  A slight snag which gets bigger.

Landry didn’t show up at the bar to hear her brother sing, she thinks her stalker was at the house.  She has some scrapes and broke her glasses after falling in the driveway, scrambling to get into her car.  Davis, and Adam, get angry at seeing her injuries thinking the man may have inflicted them.  Because Davis already went to jail for beating up the stalker, without evidence Landry doesn’t want anyone to do anything.  Landry’s a computer programmer and lived in the computer lab during college.  Her stalker invented a college romance between them in his mind and began to believe it.  When Landry started to date after university and it triggered the stalker’s jealousy.  Consequently, causing him to go to her apartment and attack her.  Luckily her neighbors where around and called the police.  Unfortunately he didn’t get a long sentence and was released early.

Landry now lives in their parents’ basement.  Unfortunately, they’re out of the country and her best friend is backpacking through exotic locales eating bugs.  Landry has no one to turn to except Davis.  So either Landry comes on the tour or else Davis’ not going.  And if Landry goes he wants Adam’s promise that he’ll help keep all the guys’ hands off his baby sister.  Landry doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is and oblivious to how guys look at her.  So Adam has to swear to help Davis.  Win.  Lose.  Adam agrees because he’s desperate for time with Landry.  Several weeks on a tour bus will give him time to woo her and they can get to know each other.  Adam hopes the time will show Davis he’s not using Landry as a random hook-up; Landry’s actually special to him.

He doesn’t know that Landry’s already attracted to him, she doesn’t think he likes her very much.  However, the band’s bassist tells Landry he can clearly see she’s already half in love with Adam.  And the drummer teases Adam mercilessly about how he moons over Landry.  Adam is jealous of any and every man who comes near Landry at the events.  They form an “uneasy” friendship having breakfast in diners together every morning of the tour.  Uneasy because Adam rather be eating something else spread across that table.  Landry is breathing easier because she’s in different states no one knowing where she is.  She feels safe from her stalker.  Finally at one of the stops Adam and Landry succumb to their attraction.  They practically maul each other in the “woods” of a mini golf course.  Adam springs for hotel rooms for everyone so he and Landry can have some privacy.

After that it’s impossible to keep their hands off each other, making things more challenging.  For example, almost getting caught by Davis.  Adam wants to tell Davis right away but Landry has reasons why she can’t.  One of the members of the “hit-song band” gets jealous of the growing popularity of Adam and the band.  And becomes increasingly hostile.  The band’s excited because they get an offer to have one of their songs used in a national commercial.  But Adam turns it down.  He doesn’t want the song to get popular and not have an album for people to buy.  Adam has a vision for the band that’s long term, whereas Davis wants immediate gratification.  Davis’ animosity for Adam’s control over the set list, perfectionism, and refusal to listen to his ideas increases.  Landry feels as if she’s caught between defending her brother or the lover she can’t acknowledge.

The venues are getting larger.  Adam and Landry are taking greater risks to be together.  And the danger they thought they left behind isn’t that far at all.

“Unwritten” is a lot of fun.  The Rock tour bus experience.  A growly alpha guitarist/songwriter.  The outrageous personalities of the womanizing, yet adorably charming bassist.  A funky drummer who’s a little into voyeurism and doesn’t mind a little exhibitionism.  The hypocritical behavior of the big brother lead singer.  He wants his little sister untouched while he’s a horn-dog on tour.  Jen Fredrick creates these wonderful characters then weaves them into a family as the band tours.  The romance is fabulous and the sex is steamy, spicy, and incredibly HOT.  I liked “Unwritten” so much I went back and purchased the previous books in The Woodlands series!

I’m giving “Unwritten” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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