REVIEW: “Caden’s Command” by Zoey Derrick

*”Caden’s Command” is the second book in the Finding Submission Duet.  You MUST read “Aryn’s Desire” first.*  *This is a M/M romance.*

Zoey Derrick brings us a “After the Happily Ever After” romance that’s sublime; it’s delicious, erotic, and heartfelt.  It also does something I don’t usually like … has a conflict that isn’t big and dramatic.  “Caden’s Command” conflict comes from two hetero men settling into a same sex relationship and dealing with their traumatic pasts.  This book picks up exactly where “Ayrn’s Desire” ends but from Ayrn’s point of view.  Therefore “Ayrn’s Desire” must be read before reading “Caden’s Command”.  Ayrn Becker’s a bodyguard for the rock group 69 Bottles specifically the drummer Dex and his wife Raine.  Until a couple of months ago he went through woman after woman in meaningless one time sexual encounters.  He has no ties, severing those with his family decades ago.  Beck never wanted to be tied down to one woman.  It’s only recently he’s feeling envy about the relationship Dex and Raine have.

Caden Mitchell’s a Hollywood Associate Producer and Stunt Coordinator.  He’s dominant, enjoys challenges, and haunted by the loss of his life.  Caden never imagined falling in love again but Aryn drops into his life and captivates him.  As a Dominant Caden had male submissives but he hasn’t had sex with anyone since his wife died.  Until Aryn enters his life.  Caden and Aryn didn’t were primarily/solely hetero but they can’t get each other out of their minds.  Both Caden and Aryn under go lots of character growth.  However Aryn’s have the most impact.  He’s a big bad manwhore bodyguard who suddenly is an affectionate sub to a man.  Now he struggles how to fit his newfound submissive side into his real life.  Zoey Derrick creates an extremely intriguing storyline filled with rich and multi-faceted characters, both main and secondary.  “Caden’s Command” has a pace that’s steady and drives you onward.

Aryn goes to Caden at The Box to submit to him publicly, in front of all of their friends.  This is a gesture to show Caden that he’s totally committed to being with him and submissive to his Dominant.  But almost immediately Aryn is made to learn an important lesson in a BDSM relationship:  Communication.  Aryn has made assumptions about Caden’s actions before and ended up running and not speaking to him for months.  Almost immediately after this grand gesture reunion Aryn takes something Caden does personally, out of insecurity.  This leads to Caden to a discussion about open and Honest Communication.  Ironically, the next day it’s Caden who ends up not being open with information about his past.  It’s a significant relationship that effected Caden’s life monumentally.

When they get to Caden’s home Aryn’s struck again with photographs from Caden’s past.  At first Caden gives superficial answers.  They sit and talk typical get-to-know-each-other stuff but Caden starts to ask about Aryn’s family life.  When Aryn shuts down that line of questioning Caden tells the story of his past relationship.  As soon as it gets emotionally overwhelming Aryn tells Caden about the traumatic nature of his family-life.  Caden and Aryn’s relationship runs smoothly though they are separated often due to work.  Aryn/Beck ends up moving in with Dex and Raine at Caden’s insistence.  He wants Dex to keep an eye on Beck to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble.  Despite the move Aryn’s lonely and misses Caden while he’s on the various European movie sets.  Once Caden’s film finishes shooting and he comes home he and Aryn have a spectacular reunion.

Unfortunately their reunion is cut short due to an emergency in Aryn’s family.  This event is an ending but creates many new beginnings.

I loved the character of Beck/Aryn when I read “Taming Dex” in the 69 Bottles series.  After reading “Aryn’s Desire” I was beside myself/in love with the book.  I literally demanded that Zoey Derrick produce “Caden’s Command” immediately upon meeting her last October.  Beck/Aryn’s characters changes immensely from “Taming Dex” to “Aryn’s Desire” and finally into “Caden’s Command”.  Caden’s an extremely fascinating and multi-faceted character in “Aryn’s Desire”.  After learning his backstory he gains his footing and stability reinforcing his command.  It’s mesmerizing seeing how confident and happy Aryn becomes by opening up to a completely opposite version of himself.  This was a really amazing m/m romance, and again all starting from “Aryn’s Desire”.  It’s often difficult for me to get into a m/m romance but I’m crushing on Caden and Aryn SO HARD!  I just adore the amazing world that this book takes place in

I’m giving “Caden’s Command” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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