REVIEW: “Hate 2 Lovers” by K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield

“Hate 2 Lovers” is a raucous, romantic, and racy addition to K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield’s sparkling 2 Lovers series.  The Hero and Heroine are the perfect foils for each other.  Both are hot-headed and slightly crazy; Andie is rather hormonally unhinged while Roman is preternaturally patient with her.  Andie and Roman appear in “Text 2 Lovers” as prominent secondary characters.  Allowing the reader to get a ringside seat for their volatile “courtship”.  Although “Hate 2 Lovers” is a stand alone novel that one can read on it’s own.  However you’ll enjoy it better after reading “Text 2 Lovers”.  That being said, Andie and Roman have a Love/Hate relationship.  Andie Loves to Hate Roman and Roman Loves Andie and loves the Hate sex.  Out of their tempestuous sexcapades a child was conceived.  Now no one (unless they are bearing food) is safe from Andie’s outbursts of tears, anger or hangriness.

After the he shakes off the shock, Roman’s ecstatic with the opportunity to have the time to win Andie over.  To finally get Andie to admit that her “Hate” is actually “Love”.  The baby gives Roman carte blanche to shower Andie with affection.  He can be protective of her and their baby, and let his possessive caveman flag fly.  With fewer kicks to the shins.  “Hate 2 Lovers” introduces two new secondary characters who’s book will be up next.  Linc’s Andie’s step-brother and Reagan’s Roman and Ram’s, sister.  Linc’s by far the most fun of the secondary characters.  He’s a rascal and a loose canon who loves stirring up trouble and doesn’t mind taking a punch.  Reagan’s a kind, quiet, peacekeeping fixer who’s in need of friends.  This is definitely a Romantic Comedy with a heart-stopping element of danger.  The pacing’s tight, intriguing characters, and a highly entertaining storyline.

In a pique of hormonal ire Andie quit her job at the bank.  She locks the door behind her to be rehired due to her sailor mouth and some ill-advised retribution.  She marches over to Roman’s office where he offers her a job when she drops the “baby bomb” on him.  The look of WTH and shock doesn’t go over well with Andie so she flees crying.  Something she never does.  After much screaming, yelling, and physical attacks on Roman she leaves.  Not before making Roman believe there’s a possibility she may end the pregnancy.  After consuming copious amounts of food and reading many pleading texts Andie considers showing up for work the next day.  Roman knows he has a lot of ground to make up for.  Therefore he goes about making a few small but meaningful “grand gestures” for Andie.

When Andie finds what Roman’s done for her she’s touched and lets her guard down.  She even tells him she doesn’t hate him as much.  Andie’s lulled into a state of semi-security when she hears Roman was seen at a pub with an attractive woman.  Her normal crazy goes into hormonal overdrive.  Andie texts Roman about his alleged indiscretions.  Apparently it’s a group text with various friends expressing the need for a cool head.  A mystery man chimes in with provoking comments.  While Roman claims it’s a misunderstanding.  The mystery man arrives at Roman and Andie’s office before her.  Linc taunts Roman with his extensive knowledge of Andie and produces a photo of them, from their teens, hugging.  Reagan tries to diffuse the situation but Linc’s overt cheeky flirting with her helps push Roman over the edge.

Without the excuse of hormones Roman goes all MMA caveman on Linc.  Soon the CEO is pummeling and yelling at a guy in his office.  Ram pulls Roman off of a bloody-faced Linc.  Andie arrives and she’s immediately concerned about Linc and furious with Roman for hurting him.  Roman’s devastated and asks if Linc might be the father of the baby Andie laughs.  Linc’s her brother.  In a Hail Mary play to sway Andie, Roman calls in the “big guns”.  His sweet little mother.  Roman’s mother wins Andie over with hugs, baked goods, and a meatloaf dinner.  Andie still bursts into tears but Roman gets to see more instances of softness and vulnerability.  Roman surreptitiously moves into Andie’s apartment so he can spend every night with her in his arms.  Andie has commitment issues due to her father abandoning her and her mother when her mother became terminally ill.

Roman accompanies Andie to her doctor’s appointments (Roman has some hilarious jealousy issues with the doctor).  Andie finds Roman’s obsession with pregnancy books and purchasing every item that can enhance the baby’s level of development adorable.  Andie’s more often sweet with Roman now than irrationally hateful.  That is until there begins to be some instances of unaccounted time in his schedule.  Sightings of Roman with a mysterious blonde woman.  Lies saying he was somewhere he definitely wasn’t.  Cause Andie’s jealousy to continue to swing.  Linc doesn’t help with his pressing of the issue that Roman doesn’t even know what Andie’s favorite movie or color.  Suggesting their relationship is solely about sex.  Then add a dangerous ex-coworker of Andie’s with a vendetta.  The moods swing like a chandelier at a sex club.

Just when everything seems at it’s worst it’s actually the best.  Roman’s in love, Andie’s starting to see the possibility of a future with Roman and the baby as a family.  That’s when the truly worst descends threatening not only Andie’s life but that of their baby.

“Hate 2 Lovers” is so delightful in most part to Roman being ass over tea kettle in love with Andie.  He finds her fits of wildcat hate frenzies adorable.  Andie’s like the Tasmanian Devil with her whirlwinds of screaming accusations, sudden crying jags, and feral food furies.  All of which can happen within five minutes.  K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield each write a particular main character each; you’ll have to read to find out.  There are a few side stories happening:  Dani and Ram’s wedding plans, Reagan’s new boyfriend (not Linc), and Andie’s father.  Andie’s memories of her mother are likely to induce tears.  Roman and Andie are fabulously cute when it comes to the baby.  The baby’s sex bets are fantastic.  There’s so much to love about “Hate 2 Lovers”; not only the novel but the 2 Lovers series in general.  I can’t recommend it enough!

I’m giving “Hate 2 Lovers” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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