REVIEW: “Marrying the Wrong Earl” by Callie Hutton

Callie Hutton’s “Marrying the Wrong Earl” hits all the bases with two strong main characters, solid comedy, and gut-wrenching angst.  This author’s Historical Romances are without a doubt One-Click purchases for a guaranteed romantic and entertaining read.  The Heroine, Lady Arabella Danvers, is happy to be single dedicated to caring and mending injured animals.  Unfortunately her mother’s set on marrying Arabella to an elderly, wealthy, and titled man no matter what he looks like.  Arabella’s opinion is not a priority in the least.  Arabella is intelligent, steadfast, adventurous, and well read.  The Hero, Nash, the Earl of Clarendon needs a wealthy bride, preferably one who’s young and “trainable”.  Nash’s set in his ways, concerned with the ton’s opinion, but intrigued by Arabella’s lush figure and responsive body.  Unfortunately Arabella rebels at Nash’s “high-handedness” and Nash is confounded by Arabella’s obsession with her animals.

Callie Hutton writes both characters in such a way that you can sympathize with their opinions of the other.  For all of Nash’s frustration at Arabella’s non-conformity he’s protective, possessive, and loving.  Arabella is vexed at Nash’s inability to understand that her doctoring of animals is more than just a hobby.  But Arabella appreciates how Nash cares for and shields her, not to mention her enjoyment of her husband’s body.  Despite their resolutions and disbelief of the possibility they find themselves in love.  However, Arabella’s dedication to sewing up and tending to wounded animals becomes too much for their marriage to withstand.  Nash sends her to their country estate while he remains in London tending to his Parliamentary responsibilities.  A discussion with a duke in a similar position as Nash and a near traumatic event changes his convictions.

Callie Hutton creates Historical Romances with unique storylines, enchanting characters, and a healthy amount of steamy sex.  The pacing in “Marrying the Wrong Earl” is steady and lively.  The comedic elements balance nicely with the tense and sensual.  Arabella is a truly compelling, unique, and dynamic Heroine.  Nash is an interesting Hero.  Despite the fact Arabella isn’t Nash’s ideal of his perfect countess he’s dedicated to her care when she’s ill.  Even though he’s resolute in his stance on decorum he vehemently defends Arabella’s honor at the social events.  And when they become intimate he’s patient, loving, and lavishes her with sweet endearments.  Nash’s a stubborn man but he’s also a smitten one.  Callie Hutton constructs a lavish Regency world that’s difficult to bid goodbye.

I’m giving “Marrying the Wrong Earl” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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