REVIEW: “Royal Affair” by Marquita Valentine

Marquita Valentine skillfully brings Fairy Tales romantically to life between displaced royals and hapless Americans in the sexiest of ways.  “Royal Affair” has so many delicious twists and turns that I can’t bear to spill the fabulous jaw-dropping tidbits here.  So I’ll deal with the easiest twist.  The Hero, Brooks Walker’s the villain, he’s the man who revealed the identity of the undisclosed royal family.  Brooks broke the biggest news item putting his name and his media empire on the top of the heap.  Announcing the royal children of the Isle of Man are living surreptitiously in North Carolina is quite the scoop.  Now that it’s old news he needs more “dirt” in order to stay on top.  Luckily Princess Charlotte’s a Social Media addict, following his Instagram, and blog religiously, under a pseudonym of course.

Princess Charlotte is like a wallflower Rapunzel desperately wanting to escape the castle walls.  Unlike the fairy tale the princess has a weakness for villains rather than knights in shining armor.  As much as she dislikes the spotlight she craves the attention of Brooks Walker and she surprisingly gets it.  Charlotte shocks Brooks with a brazen deal, a royal affair.  An exclusive sexual tryst with information he can use except anything said in the “heat of the moment”.  Brooks isn’t a fool so he takes the deal.  A.) He believes he can lull Charlotte into a false sense of security and get juicy information.  And B.) He’s been a bit obsessed with her as well.  “Royal Affair” is loaded with bombshells and super hot and racy sex.  The pace is fast, the characters are charming, and the romance is fun and flirty.

Charlotte’s must attend a charity ball and man the refreshment table, forcing her to interact with lots of people.  For someone who has panic attacks brought on by being around large crowds; it isn’t the best idea.  Then Princess Charlotte’s secret crush enters the crowded ballroom and makes a beeline for the refreshment table.  Brooks Walker doesn’t seem to want punch but does want to speak to her.  When he offers her an escape she takes it, much to her eldest brother’s vehement objections.  With her bodyguard in tow, they cozy up in a local bake shop to talk.  There’s an undeniable mutual attraction and underlying chemistry between them.  Princess Charlotte knows Brooks wants scoop on her family and is willing to make a deal.  An exclusive affair but information given in the “heat of the moment” is out of bounds.  This shocks Brooks but he’ll take it.

Their sexy and steamy whirlwind arrangement begins in New York City.  Brooks and Charlotte can’t keep their hands off each other.  At times finding themselves in passionate situations in very public places.  Almost immediately Brooks’ resolve to wheedle information out of Charlotte becomes difficult.  He’s thwarted by something referred to as a conscience and an overwhelming attraction to her.  Brooks finds himself liking Charlotte more than he should.  He makes himself say callous remarks to remind himself, and her, that this is a temporary and business arrangement.  But like a pendulum Brooks swings from casual to serious.  This is evident when he invites Charlotte to join his family at a charity event in North Carolina.  Charlotte has a memorable and embarrassing first meeting with Brooks’ twin Briggs.  Awesome!  But Brooks’ family adores Charlotte as much as she enjoys them.  During their time on Brooks’ turf their relationship becomes extremely serious.

Before Brooks takes Charlotte to meet his family the former Prime Minister of the Isle corners him.  Davies’ a bitter man with a score to settle and provides Brooks with lots of damning information about the Sinclairs.  He threatens that if an expose’ isn’t written revealing the Sinclairs’ sordid secrets, he’ll ensure Brooks loses his company.  Davies gives Brooks a sealed envelope filled with damning documents.  However Brooks’ feelings for Charlotte prevent him from opening it.  Brooks takes the envelope with him everywhere for safe keeping.  Charlotte discovers it.  The envelope’s marked Sinclair, knowing Brooks has a file on her family, out of curiosity, she opens it.  She finds it contains every secret they have.  Including a monumental secret only a few people know; a secret that will change everything.  Believing Brooks had this information during their entire relationship; she flees to the Isle.  However she has a new secret.

“Royal Affair” is white hot steamy and has jaw dropping secrets.  Marquita Valentine doesn’t skimp on the storyline in this installment of her Royals in Exile series.  Brooks’ and Charlotte’s romance is sweet and extremely racy.  Their sexual chemistry’s through the roof right out of the gate and the spicy fun is electric and instantly gratifying!  The secondary characters are lots of fun, mainly Brooks’ twin brother Briggs.  The rest of Brooks’ family is a hoot as well.  I think that “Royal Affair” is sexier and more fun than “Royal Scandal”.  Thus far I’m loving the Royals in Exile series and can’t wait for Prince Theo’s “Royal Chase”!


I’m giving “Royal Affair” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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