REVIEW: “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife” by Julia Kent

I have to admit Andrew McCormick is my favorite McCormick in Julia Kent’s Shopping for series.  Andrew even though he’s still competitive he’s more vulnerable and his youngest brother antics make his humor different.  Amanda, the Heroine, has her amusing moments but they aren’t as broad nor over-the-top as her best friend Shannon’s.  She’s a more serious heroine.  I think because her mother is so grounded and being a only child had her grow up a little faster.  In “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife” Amanda deals with pushy paparazzi who also target her and her shy mother.  She’s having to acclimate to being the fiancée to a multi-billionaire.  Getting a monthly allowance that is more than someone’s yearly salary is weird after pinching pennies.  The worst thing is she feels lonely having no one who understands her feelings.  Andrew is fabulous with his understanding, comforting, and distractions.  J

Julia Kent balances the seriousness, in “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife”, with its comedy fabulously.  For every stressful event there’s a lighthearted one.  Declan and Andrew’s competition regarding having sex in their respective childhood bedrooms with their women.  Precedes James announces he’s selling the estate their mother made into a home.  Or Declan baiting Pam to pushing Amanda and Andrew for grandchildren.  When her responses are laid-back, Declan screams, “THIS IS NOT FAIR!  YOU GET THE GOOD MOTHER-IN-LAW!”  After which there’s a terrifying almost fatal encounter with the paparazzi.  Therefore, the pace of “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife” is rhythmic frantic and calm, brisk and unhurried.  The storyline is intriguing, romantic, and oh so very sexy.  We get a set up for an Amy and Hamish’s book.  And some amusing character work with Shannon’s sister Carol, her mother Marie, and Josh.  We can’t forget Pam, Spritzy, James, Hamish, and Terry.

The stress level in this book tremendously challenging on Amanda, more so than others, because of how her mind works.  Because she’s a “Fixer” she reads peoples expressions and emotions then mentally catalogs them connection them to the situation.  When she’s in a situation which there’s no solution for (i.e.: the paparazzi) it’s overwhelming.  Or when her attention is divided, for an example both Andrew and her mother are in need of assistance.  She’s distressed.  Who does she “fix” first?  As a “Fixer” she assesses the current situation and visualizes the next step and the following 12 steps ahead.  However dealing with a narcissistic wild card like James stymies her.  Sometimes the “fix” is not to fix.  In “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife” the focus is solely on Amanda’s point of view, Andrew’s the sanctuary and stability.  The giver of the insanely hot sex.  That’s an extremely important role.

I’m giving “Shopping for a CEO’s Wife” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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