REVIEW: “Temptation’s Inferno” by Kat Mizera

This is the second installment of Kat Mizera’s Inferno series, a spin-off of her Sidewinders series.  This book focuses on two of the hockey playing Las Vegas Sidewinders, Viggo Sjoberg and soon-to-be-traded Jamie Teller.  Both characters have a lot of backstory which occur in Sidewinder series books.  The cause for Jamie’s trade to the Ottawa team occurs in the first Inferno book.  The storyline for this book is complex for a few reasons.  Firstly, Viggo is married and has a child.  Secondly, Jamie’s a heterosexual man who happens to be Viggo’s roommate before, and while, he’s married.  Thirdly, threesomes are one of Jamie’s “things” and he gets drawn into one with Viggo and his wife.  It’s then that Jamie feels an attraction to Viggo he never felt before in all the time they lived together.  In fact, he’s never really felt an attraction to another man before.

Viggo is a known bisexual and is secure in his sexuality as is his wife.  However once Viggo finds out about his child he wanted to provide a traditional mother/father/child family life.  After they marry, Viggo and his wife, Emilie’s find that their feelings for each other aren’t as strong as before.  When Jamie gets inadvertently involved in Viggo and Emilie’s sexual encounter a physical attraction ignites.  This attraction between Jamie and Viggo grows very intense within a few days.  This confuses Jamie immensely since he’s only ever been into women until now.  But his feelings for Viggo are undeniable and strong and so very confusing.  Kat Mizera does a fantastic job with “Temptation’s Inferno” and it is mesmerizing and captivating.  The characters are engaging and the storyline is intriguing and the pace is driving.

There is one MAJOR problem in one portion of the book having to do with vigilante justice.  I feel that one of the acts is not only inhumane but the opposite way to deal with the crime.  That’s not something you do to perpetrators of a hate crime.  Not if you want to keep the sympathy on the victims or subjects of hate crimes.

Jamie Teller’s days away from moving from the hockey team he loves to one in Ottawa.  He can’t complain because he’s making a lot more money but it isn’t a deal he wants.  He was in a threesome that became a public sex scandal.  One of the participants works in the team’s front office.  Her star professional baseball player boyfriend makes a deal with Jamie to move to Ottawa so she won’t lose her job.  So Jamie took the generous deal Dante arranged with the team in Ottawa.  Now Jamie is unhappy at having to move to a town where he knows no one and away from all his friends.  Including his roommate Viggo, they enjoy regular marathon video game sessions, and been improving the other man’s English speaking skills.  They carpool back and forth to the arena for practice and games and have gotten along great all year.

Viggo and Emilie’s daughter is at the sitter’s.  Thinking they are alone in the apartment they decide to have sex in the living room.  Jamie hears noises outside of his bedroom, when he gets out of the shower, and walks in on the couple.  He finds it arousing watching them have sex.  Jamie sees they are frustrated because Emilie wants Viggo to spank her hard but he can’t do it.  In addition to enjoy watching Jamie likes spanking.  He surprised the couple by volunteering to spank Emilie while Viggo continued to satisfy his wife.  Emilie is ecstatic to get the spanking she wants.  Jamie is happy to watch some hot sex and do some spanking.  Viggo can’t believe that he didn’t ever notice that his roommate was so sexy.  Emilie included Jamie in their sexual encounter.  Jamie surprised himself by not only touching Emilie intimately but Viggo too.

Viggo and Emilie decide they enjoy having Jamie participate and spontaneously include him in their next go round.  They both encourage Jamie to push outside of his comfort zone with Viggo.  Jamie experiences his first intimate experiences with a man, including his first kiss.  Their second sexual encounter pushes Jamie a lot further and he really struggles psychologically with guilt and shame.  Jamie doesn’t know how to act or what to think.  He experiences a lot of confusion when he realizes that Viggo is more attractive to him than Emilie.  It’s almost a relief when it’s time to leave for Ottawa.  But once he’s in Ottawa Jamie’s miserable and longs for Viggo.  Luckily Ottawa will be playing against the Sidewinders soon after his move.

During the game one of Jamie’s former teammates is bitter and gets overly aggressive.  Jamie ends up unconscious on the ice and lands in the hospital with a terrible concussion.  This results in him having long lasting terrible headaches and dizzy spells which sometime cause him to pass out.  That coupled with being unable to fly keeps him in Las Vegas for several weeks.  Even though Jamie tries to keep his distance from Viggo they can’t resist each other.  They spend more and more time together and fall more and more in love.  However Jamie can’t or isn’t willing to acknowledge his feelings.  Jamie sees himself having his own children with a woman who means something to him.  Viggo finds Jamie’s pushing and pulling away tiresome and knows that Jamie’s going to break his heart.  Finally Jamie gets the go ahead to return to Ottawa.

Jamie has a difficult time when he gets to Ottawa because he really has no friends there.  His roommate is seldom at their apartment.  A neighbor in the building invites him over for a party and Jamie goes.  The party ends up taking a really weird turn.  One of the girls there asks him to do things then begs him for help.  The guys at the party are skinheads and the girl tells Jamie to avoid them, because they’re really bad guys.  Jamie befriends the girl and learns the horrible reason why she hangs out with them.  She and Jamie go bar-hopping one night but she has to leave him at a bar.  A guy tries to pick him up but they end up talking about sexuality and end up becoming friends.  He ends up helping Jamie a lot becoming almost a mentor to him.

Viggo comes to visit Jamie in Ottawa and have a passionate reunion.  But their reunion doesn’t remain happy because Jamie can’t fully submit to Viggo. Therefore he can’t honestly commit to a relationship with him.  A few days after Viggo leaves Jamie gets a call from the girl; she’s in trouble and needs his help.  Jamie tries to help her escape his Skinhead neighbor but ends gets badly beaten.  They crush his wrists, break his ribs, give him another concussion, and cause internal damage.  Finally they carve a derogatory word into his back.  Jamie’s hockey career may be over and with the publicity he may never be ready for Viggo.

“Temptation’s Inferno” is so addictive it’s almost impossible to put down.  Jamie and Viggo are fabulous characters that are engaging and magnetic.  Their sexual chemistry is palpable.  Kat Mizera’s storyline is engrossing and compelling leading you down a path of romance and pathos.  The point of view is omniscient so the reader zips in and out of various characters minds without warning.  “Temptation’s Inferno” is ultimately about love, understanding, and acceptance.  I really enjoyed this second book of the Inferno series a lot more than the first.  I can’t wait to see what the next book brings, being that it focuses on Viggo’s wife Emilie.

I’m giving “Temptation’s Inferno” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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