REVIEW: “Untouchable” by Isabel Love

Isabel Love brings us a hospital workplace romance between a doctor and a nurse.  The twist is that the doctor’s a woman and the nurse is a man.  What’s unfortunate is “Untouchable” has a rather weak Heroine.  The conflicts, seem largely superficial making Monica appear lacking in my opinion.  One of her main concerns is that she’s older than he the other is that he’s a nurse.  Many may say I’m wrong because the Monica says it’s other people’s opinions, such as her father.  However, there are instances in which she’s asked what the Hero’s profession is, and she replies vaguely.  Her other flaw is she cares what others think.  Max is a nurse in the ER in which she’s the Director of, therefore she’s his boss’ boss.  She’s the youngest director on the board, and a female.  That’s cause for concern though she should have more confidence.

Another issue regarding the Heroine, Monica, she only has one friend.  She’s worked at the same hospital for eight years, before she was an intern and she has no work friends?  She has one non-work friend – that’s all.  No college friends from undergrad days?  No med school friends?  This would be different if the story focused mainly, if not solely, on Monica and Max but it doesn’t.  But Max’s friends play a big role in his life and therefore Monica’s one friend as well.  Max is a great character.  He’s a Beta Hero a nurturer and a source of calm and Home.  I LOVE those!  Yes he’s younger than Monica but he sounds a little too young; I think he should have an older voice.  He graduated later in life because he was working part-time assisting his mother and younger sisters financially.

Max’s friends are great secondary characters however Charlie is a bit grating although I figure that’s by design.  The next book features him as the Hero.  Monica’s friend Quinn is extremely well done and very intriguing.  The hospital’s ER staff are great background characters.  No stereotypical mean girls, flaming gay male nurses, oversexed or priggish doctors.  Kudos for that.  I’m not sure if the pacing was slow or just that the storyline was not that gripping.  I did like the Heroine, just not that much.  The Hero was charming and extremely likable.  Their first meeting was extremely HOT and the sex scenes were not disappointing.  When the main couple were together they were fabulously adorable and sexy.  Unfortunately there were too many flaws that got in the way for me.

I’m giving “Untouchable” 3 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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