REVIEW: “Bombshell” by CD Reiss

“Bombshell” is a wonderfully crafted, heart-felt, sexy romance novel with a complex storyline, and multifaceted characters.  C.D. Reiss definitely does not disappoint.  Brad is an actor still relatively new to the business and enjoying his success.  He’s a playboy who enjoys multiple women and notoriously wild house parties.  Then out of the blue a five year old daughter is put into his custody after her mother dies.  Brad’s an incredibly interesting characters with many layers (or secrets) which peel off as he matures.  Sometimes the growth is begrudgingly sometimes it’s genuine maturing.  Brad has a difficult time adjusting.  Just when his life and career have gotten good, and fun, he has this kid dropped on him.  He doesn’t know what to do with her and she’s killing his buzz.  Brad wants to love Nicole, but he’s been focusing on his acting career for so long she’s an after thought.

Therefore, he’s in desperate need of a nanny.  Nicole has been crying nonstop since she set foot in his house.  While at the Nanny Agency Nicole had a intestinal issue and ended up in the bathroom with a nanny.  The nanny is best friends and the roommate of Cara DuMont who goes to the rescue.  Not only does Cara successfully assist with the clean-up she also gets Nicole to stop crying.  Nicole wants Cara to be her nanny and Brad wants anyone who can stop Nicole’s crying to be the nanny.  Unfortunately, Cara refuses to work for absentee parents, no actors, no celebrities, or celebrities hangers-on.  Notoriety comes at too high a price and with the dog pack known as paparazzi.  Cara’s a professional nanny fluent in French, navigates private school applications, wipe noses, and keep the kiddies safe.  She’s independent and flies under the radar.

Cara’s non-celebrity job that she had in the bag fell through.  Brad Sinclair called the agency requesting Cara specifically even though her best friend, Blakely was interviewing for that position.  Not her.  As a compromise Cara goes to Brad’s house for a consultation.  This is basically a meeting in which she tells him how to parent.  Only the parents requesting the consultation don’t realize that’s what they’ll be getting.  Essentially she tells him all of the things he should do and not do with Nicole.  Brad is agreeable to everything except when it gets down to schools.  He’s focuses on her academic ability since she is already reading.  Cara thinks Nicole should attend a school which focuses on her emotional development.  So Nicole can deal with her mother’s death.

Since they’re at an impasse, Brad decides to make a deal based on who wins a game of 9 ball.  Brad wagers if he wins they’ll look at the school he wants, if Cara wins they’ll tour her school recommendation.  He wins that game of pool.  Brad tells Cara, Nicole’s been asking about “the lady from the bathroom”, and when’s she coming to be her nanny.  So again Brad makes a bet.  If he beats her at 9 ball Cara’ll be Nicole’s nanny.  Cara counters if she wins, then Brad will hire her friend Blakely and Cara will stay on for 30 days.  She wins the game.  Blakely and Cara move into the guest cottage on Brad’s estate and reports to his Personal Assistant Paula.

Paula came with Brad from his home state of Arkansas and he once dated her during high school.  They’re friends now and she rules Brad’s schedule with an iron fist.  It also seems as though she’s not too fond, although she tries to be sly about it, little Nicole.  Paula’s the one who gave Nicole the moniker “Bombshell” and the way Paula says it, it’s not an endearment.  Blakely and Cara take turns on Nicole shifts and switch when necessary.  Unfortunately Blakely had a very public scandal attached to her previous nanny position and it’s difficult for her to work.  She’s also an actress so the gossip hinders all the aspects of her life.  Soon Blakely decides she’s going to make some drastic changes one of which is to quit working for Brad.

Cara’s position was already temporary and what’s difficult is how attached Nicole is to Cara.  Normally, Cara is able to distance herself from the children she works with but Nicole is different.  Nicole’s really gotten under Cara’s skin and into her heart.  The other issue’s that she is incredibly attracted to Brad Sinclair which is another first.  Cara’s worked for many attractive fathers in Los Angeles and found them easily resistible.  Unfortunately she fantasizes about Brad Sinclair.  One night, when he’s drunk, she learns he has fantasies about her too.  One slip and the paparazzi will be all over them and they’ll be on every news outlet and tabloid.  Brad’s bad dad behavior lands him in the public eye.  There’s a close call involving Cara and a late night kiss.  But it’s an innocent trip to Disneyland and a humiliating event getting taken out of context which is the headliner.

This becomes a huge scandal.  Brad keeps Cara from finding out about it as long as he can.  He whisks her and Nicole to his old hometown to visit his family.  They’ll then immediately fly on to Thailand where he’ll be filming his next movie.  It’s when they get to this sleepy small town that the lid to many secrets get blown off.  Apparently Redfield, Arkansas is the place where careers, and relationships go to die.

“Bombshell” isn’t your typical “Nanny and the Single Dad” romance.  C.D. Reiss creates an intelligent, sexy, swoony, and romantic romp through Los Angeles and Arkansas.  Nicole’s a well written cheeky and mischievous 5 year old little monkey.  Not too wise beyond her years nor too babyish; she’s just right.  “Bombshell” has what I LOVE in novels – character development.  Brad grows the most; from an immature new Hollywood star to a new father  in the spotlight.  Cara changes from worrying about her own privacy to being concerned about the people she cares about.  The layers these two characters must peel away to reveal their poignant backstories is amazing.  And so worth it.  The sexual tension and chemistry between Brad and Cara is incredibly volatile.  It can go off like a roman candle and burn the building to the ground devastating everything in its path.

The definition of “bombshell” is:  something or someone having a sudden and sensational effect.  Therefore in my opinion “Bombshell” more than lived up to its definition!

I’m giving “Bombshell” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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