REVIEW: “All of You” by Callie Harper

Callie Harper’s “All of You” is a erotic and sexually charged angst-ridden romantic thrill-ride.  “All of You” is the third installment in the All In series.  It focuses on four men who survived a tragic boat joyride when they were teens.  Jax’s a bar owner who moved to California to be close to the grandfather who raised him.  Working at the home his grandfather’s at is an extremely nice nursing assistant who’s also beautiful.  But also married.  Sky was young when she married what she thought was exciting man on a motorcycle.  But he’s just an abusive psychopath in a motorcycle club.  Sky bakes delicious pies; her secret dream is to open her own shop.  They’re secretly drawn to one another but because she belongs to another man they can’t do anything.  Jax sees Sky’s husband in his bar with a girlfriend while she hides home alone planning on escape.

Sky is incredibly sweet she derives joy from simply helping the elderly have a purely happy day.  One of her favorite residents is Ace a dapper and charming older gentleman with a drop-dead gorgeous grandson, Jax.  The lust-filled thoughts she has about Jax makes her feel guilty since she’s married.  It doesn’t help that her husband already believes she unfaithful and lazy and beats her for it.  Jax’s nothing like her husband.  Even though he’s tight with the motorcycle club he’s a decent and good man who runs a honest bar.  Jax’s grandfather Ace, is a mischievous matchmaker arranging “chaperoned” walks in the garden.  Thus making their platonic attraction seem like a Regency era courtship.  Jax starts giving Sky rides home at night making sure she arrives safely.  They exchange mobile numbers and start exchanging texts which begin friendly then turn platonically flirty.

Sky is being abused and ignored in turns but it’s gets so bad she’s desperate to escape.  She’s saving as much money as she can without her husband noticing but it’s slow going.  Her husband’s paranoia causes her to have to quit her job at the nursing home.  So she severs all ties with Jax for months to keep him safe.  Sky’s husband has her take a job caring for the grandmother of one of her biker brothers.  This actually works in her favor helping her earn and save money faster.  However he discovers the texts she and Jax exchanged months ago and assumes they were having an affair.  Sky’s almost choked to death but she’s able to get away with quick thinking and brutal cunning.  She immediately goes to Jax to warn him before her husband shows up and kills him.

Jax immediately asks no questions and goes to Sky’s aid.  He calls in some favors with a friend who can help provide a permanent solution to Sky’s “husband problem”.  Sky learns of her husband’s long-term infidelity.  Although she’s still married she and Jax must pretend to be together.  They must do this to get the help they need from the people who are able to provide it.  Emotions flare and their passions are let loose.  There’s a lot of risk; they own lives are on the line.  But once they’re free they can be together anywhere they want to go.

Callie Harper puts a lot of danger and thrill in this third installment of the All In series.  The Hero and Heroine are opposites, but not.  Sky’s Disney Princess sweet and kind while Jax is rough and had a wild and rebellious youth.  However now Jax’s a good, decent, and fair man who’s a honest businessman and respectful of his grandfather.  Their attraction for each other is off the charts but the sex is insatiable and freaky.  “All of You” is wonderfully romantic and heartfelt.  It reunites the Heroes and Heroines of the previous All In books:  “In Deep” and “All of Me”.  The storyline involving a married Heroine and a single Hero is compelling in how Callie Harper makes it work.  She plays the romantic “long game” with a slow burn and a splashy high heat sex-fest finish.  “All of You” is definitely chockfull of spicy sexy steam!

I’m giving “All of You” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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