REVIEW: “Going In Deep” by Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips ends the Billionaire Bad Boys series with the baddest boy finally finding redemption.  Julian Dane became a by villain using Kendall Parker, to bring down Kade Barnes in the series’ first book.  He didn’t know Kendall’s bipolar, he fed her manic behavior causing her lots of emotional damage.  Julian and Kade were once best friends, because of his actions in he killed that friendship.  He also destroyed the friendship and trust of the other founders of the company he’s known since university.  Julian broke Kendall’s heart and trust; they cut him off from her by everyone who love and care about her.  Julian’s “Enemy Number 1”.  Rock bottom is different for everyone.  For Julian it was seeing the devastation his actions caused the woman he initially targeted by fell in love with.  In “Going In Deep” Julian endeavors to make himself worthy of Kendall’s love and trust again.

In “Going In Deep” we see the efforts Julian’s made to turn his life around to become a good man.  Even though he no longer does drugs nor drinks he never really hit rock bottom.  “Rock Bottom” was seeing the devastation his anger, bitterness, and revenge left behind.  He destroyed the woman he had fallen in love with.  After going to AA Julian never made amends with everyone; he believes Kendall deserves more than a mere apology.  Kendall had checked herself into a hospital to address her bipolar disorder.  Now her meds are in the proper dosage and her life is good, but lonely.  She has a dog walking business and works at a dog shelter but Kendall’s dream’s to be a Veterinary Technician.  When she sees Julian again she refuses to see or speak to him.  Finally he decides to adopt a dog from the shelter.

Julian has a pet emergency and because he doesn’t know what to do he calls Kendall.  This throws them together building a bridge opening up a dialog allowing Julian to tell his story.  Julian doesn’t make excuses for the bad choices he made leading to his terrible behavior.  He tells Kendall the story which caused his extreme feelings of desperation to get money he felt he was owed.  Julian explains he was so self-absorbed he didn’t see the signs she was bipolar, and hates that.  Kendall and Julian’s sexual chemistry is still there but her mania doesn’t amp up the insatiability anymore.  Even though their sex life is still combustible they’re taking time to get to know their new selves.  Kendall’s concerned her feelings of extreme happiness are symptoms of her bipolar returning.  However she continues to see and talk to her therapist regularly and diligently takes her medication.

Kendall sees how Julian cares for his new dog and his unselfish love for his sister.  Julian takes in the sister of someone from his past going out on a limb in order to help her.  Kendall knows she’s going to have to tell her twin that Julian’s back in her life and she loves him.  She knows it’s going to cause a huge blow-up not only with her sister but with her brother-in-law, Kade.  Kendall’s afraid they could make her to choose sides – her twin or the man she loves.  The news goes over as badly as Kendall feared.  Julian doesn’t want her to have to choose between him and family and speaks to Kade.  Julian, makes things worse by trying to make things easier.  In the meantime trouble from Julian’s past comes to his doorstep.  This leads to a series of events causing Kendall to leave town.

“Going In Deep” is a sexy and moving story of love, forgiveness, and redemption making it an absolute “Must Read”.  The hero and heroine are fun, seductive, and multifaceted.  Secondary characters are likable and offer support, validation, and at their worst roadblocks and sabotage.  “Going In Deep” has a compelling storyline and a steady pace which keeps the reader engaged throughout.  Carly Phillips’ Billionaire Bad Boys series books have all been engaging “One Click” winners.

I’m giving “Going In Deep” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided to me and it was voluntarily read and reviewed without bias.

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