REVIEW: “Just a Little Junk” by Stylo Fantôme

Stylo Fantôme is a Sneaky Mc Sneaksterson and writes a fabulously twisty Romantic Comedy Thriller in “Just a Little Junk”.  “Just a Little Junk” deftly turns the corner from Romantic-Comedy to Thriller about a third percent into the book.  The HUGE twist debuts around the final third.  The main characters Archer and Jodi (Jo or Jojo) are wonderfully adorable and amusing.  Archer’s character is a remarkably crafted enigma.  Everything is not what it seems with him.  Jojo is most definitely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  Their mutual attraction is a secret from no one, the only mystery is why they haven’t acted on it.  Everything will be revealed in time.  Stylo Fantôme blew my mind hole with “Just a Little Junk”.  I was expecting a fun Rom/Com (which it is) and got a lot more for my money.  It’s SO worth it!

Typically this is where I make my grossly overstated plot summary.  The only exceptions are books with super mind blowing plot twists.  This is one of them.  But I’ll give a little taste.

Jo is blowing off some serious steam at a local dive with some work friends.  She’s super-drunk and manages to pick-up a guy who’s eager to please.  He’s hoping to “get somewhere” with her by the end of the night”.  Hence he’s running to the bar to fetch her a refill the moment her glass get close to empty.  Her brother’s high school best friend, who’s now her best friend and neighbor.  They exchange some witty love-hate banter backed by serious sexual teasing.  Jo’s been in love with Archer since her brother first brought him home when she was thirteen-years-old.  So she’s using her eager pick-up in an attempt to get him to notice her.  Or at least get jealous.

Jo’s pushing Archer hard.  Intensely flirting with her drink errand boy and alleged sex partner for the evening.  It must be working a little because Archer’s acting a little jealous.  Jo goes back to a table with her “target”.  However soon after her last drink she starts feeling more dizzy than drunk.  The next thing she knows everything goes black.  The next morning Jo is banging on Archer’s apartment door anxious for him to open up and help her.  He’s really tired and hung over and not in the mood to move too fast.  Jo tries to explain what happened the night before she doesn’t even remember Archer was at the club too.  He informs her when he was leaving he found her sitting on the ground outside of the club unconscious.  He drove her to their apartment building in her car.

This really freaks Jo out because Archer didn’t see the guy she was dancing with when he found her.  Archer doesn’t understand until she opens up the trunk of her car and she shows him the dead body.  After that the duo attempt to make a detailed plan in order to figure out what happened the previous night.  The goal’s to figure out who the guy is, if he has any family, and not getting arrested doing so.

The chapters in “Just a Little Junk” are divided by hours and days.  For the most part the events span two days.  The book begins with a series of calamities and hijinx with some cryptic comments here and there.  Then things start getting real before bombshells are dropping all over the place.  Stylo Fantôme knows how to melt a readers brain.  Archer and Jojo manage to have some wild sex some of which is in extremely interesting places.  There aren’t many significant characters that consistently hang out in order to make that much of an impact.  The closest are some of Archer’s relatives, one is pretty cool and amusing while the other is rather dastardly.  Either way the background characters are fun, crazy, helpful, welcoming, or just plain insane.  “Just a Little Junk” was more than I ever expected; therefore I recommend it wholeheartedly!

I’m giving “Just a Little Junk” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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