REVIEW: “Lovestruck” by Lila Monroe

The trouble with destination weddings is there’s no easy escape plan.  In “Lovestruck” the Heroine, Ruby Walters, is the Maid-of-Honor at her best friend’s in Puerto Vallarta.  She owns her own boutique PR agency focusing on young social media up-and-comers.  Yes the YouTubers, Ingrammers, and the small time musicians trying to make a name for themselves via the internet.  At the airport she runs into her college nemesis, Will Cassidy.  They were in the same Business classes and vied for the best professor advisor.  However that competition turned into a deep friendship and for Ruby something more.  Something happened in college causing her to lose her faith and trust in Will.  She vanished from his life and holds a grudge and deep abhorrence for him to this day.  Lila Monroe sets the scene well and conveys the struggle Ruby has between hating Will and longing for him.

Will comes across as open, friendly, and guileless.  Appearing to have nothing to hide, genuinely wanting to rekindle something with Ruby.  Will’s very successful owning eco-friendly resorts around the world.  He’s a friend of the groom, Trevor, donating the use of his Puerto Vallarta resort to the wedding couple.  Ruby’s best friend, Brooke, didn’t know Will was a friend of Trevor’s so was unable to warn her.  Brooke knows the sordid details of why and how Will came to be on Ruby’s “Enemy Number 1” List.  Lila Monroe creates C4 level sparks between Will and Ruby that are difficult to ignore.  Will’s incredibly charming, flirty, and sweet.  He’s completely unaware of what he did to warrant getting the brush from Ruby at every turn.  Lila Monroe inserts so many entertaining and inventive, pay-backs that Ruby inflicts on Will.  They’re delightfully tortuous and Will’s reactions are priceless and sometimes sexually charged.

Will and Ruby’s romance in “Lovestruck” is wonderfully organic.  Lila Monroe makes the journey, for Will and Ruby, from “enemies” to lovers packed with speed bumps and backpedals.  Just when a Happily Ever After is in sight it’s snatched away by doubt and words caught out of context.  Will is charming and Ruby is a tough cookie with a romantic heart that’s been kept guarded far too long.  The secondary characters are entertaining, and playful. And some racy sex scenes.  The storyline is captivating with a pace that holds your attention.  Lila Monroe is definitely moving up on my authors to watch list.

I’m giving “Lovestruck” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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