REVIEW: “Mistaken Identity” by M. C. Jackson

MC Jackson’s “Mistaken Identity” is a wickedly twisty Romantic Suspense.  The opening Prologue is thrilling and wonderfully ambiguous; no answers com easily in this novel.  The heroine, Lena, is a frustrating character.  When she finally has a clue in her hands she seems to take her time examining it.  MC Jackson does a fantastic job of keeping the reader guessing as to what are Jake’s true motives.  Then Jake becomes a tremendously sympathetic character.  The storyline is intriguing with Jake’s many secrets and secret lives.  Lena has her conflicting feelings regarding her captor and her desperation to find her sister.  Combine all of that with the tragic and horrifying backstories of both characters and there’s lots of ground to cover.

Because of the many subplots and flashbacks the pace runs the gamut;  fast, moderate to slow.

The nature of the story allows the characters to grow slowly revealing themselves and developing.  If you like psychological thrillers “Mistaken Identity” should be on your To Be Read list.

I’m giving “Mistaken Identity 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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