REVIEW: “Redemption’s Inferno” by Kat Mizera

Kat Mizera’s latest Inferno series book briefly uses the sex club as a setting but it isn’t fun and games.  “Redemption’s Inferno” deals with two serious separate and disconcerting events in the pasts of the hero and heroine.  Other than one disturbing London sex club scene the sex scenes between these extreme kinksters are tender and meaningful.  Emilie Sjoberg’s tormented by an event which occurred many years ago.  Now that she’s become a mother, the guilt’s become intolerable.  It’s driven Emilie to push her desire for spankings and whippings to longer about BDSM; it’s punishment.  Emilie’s spiraled to a dark place emotionally beautiful her eyes only hold sadness and her smiles are no longer bright.  She’s appeared in all of the Inferno series books as in the Sidewinder series.  Her backstory’s significant and woven into many of the characters in these books.  Despite that “Redemption’s Inferno” is a standalone book.

Darryl “Chains” Carruthers is a former MI6 agent who now works at Inferno as security and assistant manager.  He left MI6 after being betrayed by one of his own people on his last missions.  Darryl’s gorgeous, secretive, and loyal.  He left England 5 years ago attempting to live under the radar fearing the traitor is still after him.  Darryl fears for the safety of his loved ones and only communicates with his mother through vague newspaper ads.  Chains doesn’t get into relationships he claiming it’s not his style.  Deep down he doesn’t want someone he loves to be targeted to get to him.  He returns to England after Emilie flies there to turn herself in for a crime she allegedly committed.  Chains and Emilie haven’t spent much time alone together and only recently become single.  Add to this trip a couple of matchmakers and embers slowly build into flames.

Emilie’s been spiraling into a place that has her friends and family concerned.  She’s riddled with guilt that she tells no one about and is tormented by incessant nightmares.  Emilie and her husband Viggo invited his former hockey teammate to join them during sex.  Jamie’s kink is spanking and Emilie’s is pain; Viggo isn’t into it.  However Emilie’s desire for pain grows to the point that even Jaime starts getting concerned.  Emilie and Viggo realize they married for the wrong reasons and amicably divorce.  It’s Emilie to encourages Viggo and Jamie to follow their desires and make their relationship serious.  Knowing Jamie really wants a biological child of his own Emilie volunteers to let him get her pregnant.  However, her guilt drives her to the point that she can’t take it anymore.  She decides to travel to England in order  to turn herself in to Scotland Yard.

Darryl “Chains” Carruthers works for Emilie at Club Inferno and learns she’s gone to England but has no details.  A mutual friend of theirs contacts Chains asking him to come and get Emilie and discover what’s going on.  Darryl gets to London and learns Emilie’s at the sex club of a known sadist.  He finds her filthy, semi-conscious, enduring sex play envolving her breath being withheld from her to the point of death.  Chains go in like a rampaging bull, swooping in, and carrying Emilie out.  He tenderly washes and clothes her; truly seeing her beauty and fragility.  Once Emilie rests and is able, she goes to Scotland Yard to turn herself in.  Darryl intercepts her and asks her to give him seven days to let him research the crime.  Give him that time to find out the details she doesn’t remember to see if she even committed a crime.

Surprisingly Chains takes Emilie to his childhood home to meet his mother.  He asks Emilie to pretend to be his fiancée.  Darryl’s mother isn’t a fool and doesn’t believe they are really engaged but is determined to matchmake.  She forces them to share a room.  His mother encourages Chains to show Emilie affection. She suspects no one’s given Emilie any without expecting sex, or something else, in return.  Darryl allows Emilie to rest and he takes her to tour some British sites.  These casual outings start stirring up something more than sexual attraction; real affection begins to take root.  He researches the case when she goes to the market or village with his mother.  Chains is shocked and cranky to discover his mother has a serious, “knockin’ boots” boyfriend.  He happens to be former Scotland Yard and is able to help Darryl with his research.

While at his mother’s someone attempts to break in.  Chains believes that since nothing like that has occurred before it must be because of him.  And the traitor, from his last mission, is still after him.  Darryl and Emilie must remain at his mother’s home longer than expected.  Chains asks Emilie to use that time to see if they can see if they can have a serious relationship.  Several good things happen while in England.  The couple decide to postpone returning to the U.S. and vacation for another week.  When they return back stateside Darryl and Emilie are officially in a relationship but it’s extremely complicated.  It seems as though the person targeting Chains has followed him to the U.S. and is making disturbing threats.  Emilie is seldom alone and there are only a few people who are trusted with Darryl’s secret.

The circle becomes larger when Emilie discovers someone one of their friends has ties to a military friend of Chains.  When the danger seems to be getting too close Darryl decides to leave Emilie abruptly.  He disappears and doesn’t contact her by text, email, or by phone.  Emilie feels he’s in grave danger.

Kat Mizera does an amazing job in this installment in the Inferno series.  “Redemption’s Inferno” is action packed, suspenseful, and chockfull of swoony romance.  The who-dun-it aspect is surprising.  And there are more than one very satisfying Happily Ever Afters.  I believe that “Redemption’s Inferno” might be my favorite book in the Inferno series.  But Viggo and Jamie beat out Darryl and Emilie for most adorable couple.  The internal monologuing is repetitive and it becomes tedious slowing down the pace.  On the upside, the time spent at Darryl’s mother’s house is wonderfully entertaining and romantic.  Darryl and Emilie have a good chemistry and are a really dynamic couple.  I’d love to see a novella featuring Emilie’s twin Sebastian and Misty; they sound like a lot of fun!  But if the Inferno series ends with “Redemption’s Inferno” it definitely ends on a high note.

I’m giving “Redemption’s Inferno” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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