REVIEW: “Sexy Motherpucker” by Lili Valente

Lili Valente’s Bad Motherpuckers series is a “lamplighter” scoring goals with each new installment!  “Sexy Motherpucker” is the follow-up to “Hot as Puck”.  It features the Portland Badgers team captain Brendan Daniels and team’s PR director Laura Collins.  This is a stand alone novel but it the prolog happens before the action of the first novel.  The action in “Sexy Motherpucker” occurs after the action in “Hot as Puck”.  However the Epilogues in both books occur at the same time.  Which actually sets the stage for the third Bad Motherpuckers book.  The characters are extremely likable and engaging.  They undergo a lot of growth in their ability to believe in more chances at happiness and trusting their hearts.  The storyline’s intriguing focusing on a widower and single father.  As with all of Lili Valente’s novels the sex is insatiable, spicy, and may require asbestos panties.

Brendan Daniels’ a widower having lost his wife three years ago in a tragic car accident.  It also left his daughter in the hospital for a month.  He has difficulty finding and keeping help to care for his six-year-old daughter.  His in-laws live in Oregon, but not in Portland, while his parents live in Canada.  Luckily Laura Collins and his daughter get along.  Laura’s happy to watch Chloe in her office while he’s practicing in the team’s facility.  He’s living half of a life and fears getting into a relationship not wanting to live through loss again.  Laura Collins has bad luck with men and she has commitment issues.  She definitely wants to be in a relationship and not a “Friends With Benefits” kind of arrangement.  But she picks duds; guys with no spark, no ambition, or secret fetishes.  The good guys are emotionally unavailable and always break your heart.

Laura Collins has terrible luck in boyfriends although the one she dumped this morning takes the cake.  She left to go to the hockey teams first annual Badger Beach Bum Weekend and realized she forgot something.  She got home to get it and discovered him in her lingerie.  Needless to say she threw him out.  Now she’s burning all her undergarments, because she isn’t sure which things he wore.  Of course the cranky, PR allergic, yet gorgeous team captain discovering her panty roast is perfect.  Surprisingly Brendan’s understanding helping her to find the humor in the situation.  The moment grows serious and intimate and Brendan and Laura share a tender kiss that quickly grows needy and passionate.  They skip the team festivities spending the rest of the weekend playing sexual pursuits in a hotel room.  At the end of the weekend Brendan walks away friend-zoning Laura citing a complicated life.

Four months later and Brendan and Laura have stilted and awkward friendship.  But at least their friends.  Brendan’s much more agreeable about team PR appearances and Laura’s happy to look after his daughter Chloe in a crunch.  Unfortunately Brendan needs to make the awkwardness even worse; he needs a favor.  Brendan’s concerned his in-laws want custody of Chloe because he isn’t dating or seeming to get past his loss.  It’s weird for his dead wife’s parents to feel this way.  But their concern is Chloe needs a female figure in her life.  So Brendan asks Laura to be his “pretend girlfriend” for a long Thanksgiving weekend, at his deceased wife’s parents’ house.  For Laura this really stings because Brendan said there wasn’t a chance for a relationship between them.  Now he wants her to pretend to be a couple and make it look believable.  Kissing.  Touching.  Sharing a bedroom!

Brendan feels like a heel because of the way he ended things that weekend.  But he had his reasons.  One of which is he thinks he can never love another woman like he loved his wife.  And it wouldn’t be fair to Laura.  The second is he’s afraid of what would happen if the relationship didn’t last with Laura.  He doesn’t want to lose their friendship; as awkward as it may be.  Third he made a huge error in assumption.  Brendan saw the extremely close friendship Laura had with his best friend and teammate Justin.  He believed it would eventually become a romantic relationship.  However Justin ended up falling in love with Laura’s little sister.  Brendan completely misreading the relationship and backed off pursuing something with Laura out of respect for his friend.  He’s an idiot.  Now Laura’s made clear that Brendan’s firmly in the Friend Zone and nothing more.

Laura’s in Hell because Brendan seems to want to rekindle what they started the previous summer.  Unfortunately he made it crystal clear he did not want a serious romantic relationship.  She believes that for Brendan it’s only about the sex and he’s just interested in a “Friends With Benefits” deal.  So when Brendan asks Laura if she wants to pick up where they left off; she misunderstands and says “No”.  They should just stay friends.  So Laura believes that Brendan doesn’t want a relationship just friends who have sex.  And Brendan believes he’s straight-up firmly in Friend-Zone box.  It takes Brendan’s nosy interfering sister and Laura’s exuberantly interfering sister to get this couple together.  However, it’s a crisis of doubt that derails a happy, smooth, and quick moving relationship.  Self-doubt causes the relationship to go off the rails.

“Sexy Motherpucker” is delightfully funny and voraciously sexy.  Lili Valente writes good sexy single dad.  Brendan shows a lot of depth he’s hot, vulnerable, caring, and firm.  He’s tender, sexually ravenous, and incredibly sweet.  Laura shows a lot of range as well loyalty, compassion, self doubt, patience, and a fierce temper.  The tender romance balances the “Holy Hotness” level sex scenes.  When Brendan and Laura hit their stride they are highly amusing and super sexy.  If you’ve read “Hot as Puck” you are re-introduced to Justin and Libby; as well as Tanner Nowicki, the rookie.  In “Sexy Motherpucker” we meet Brendan’s sister Diana.  Tanner plays a big role in the Epilogue of “Hot as Puck”.  Diana plays a part in the Epilogue of “Sexy Motherpucker”.  This is the set up for Tanner and Diana’s book, the third installment in the series.  This novel was fabulously fun and sexy read!

I’m giving “Sexy Motherpucker” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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