REVIEW: “Sin With Me” by J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger’s Bad Habit series are sexy, romantic, and gasp-inducing books – each one is equally and absolutely fantastic!  “Sin With Me” has with “star-crossed lovers”, fate, guilt, and, forgiveness; and J.T. Geissinger weaves into an intriguing story.  It focuses on the last of the three best friends, Grace Stanton.  She was in a horrible hit and run car accident which killed both her parents, when she was 18.  Grace has no memory of anything before waking up in the hospital.  She’s an independent, tough as nails, “Ice Queen”, determined to never fall in love.  She has a 30 day sexual-based relationship rule, after which they walk away no-strings-attached.  Grace’s friends want her to settle down and find love like they have.  But they’re reasons why she lives her life this way and she’s purposefully not told her friends why.  Everything’s easy until Brody Scott comes into her life.

Brody’s the lead guitarist of Bad Habit the band.  Grace’s best friends have fallen in love with two of his band-mates.  Brody’s funny, charming, dapper, and flirty.  Grace and Brody have enough sexual chemistry to power a large metropolis but Grace fights it desperately.  In the previous Bad Habit book, “Make Me Sin” Brody learns about Grace’s accident from her friends Kat and Chloe.  Brody’s visibly shaken.  At the beginning of “Sin With Me” Brody’s at confession regarding something he feels extreme guilt over.  He’s conflicted whether to keep his transgression a secret or tell it and risk it causing someone pain.  In the end he allows the sin to continue festering inside him.  We learn Brody was also in an automobile accident, before he got into the music program at UCLA.  It’s something he can relate to with Grace but also doesn’t want to talk about.

We learn why Grace doesn’t allow herself to fall in love.  With her type of amnesia there’s a risk she could completely forget her life again.  She doesn’t want someone she loves to suffer through her forgetting who they are and that she once loved them.  Grace and Brody finally get on track toward a romantic relationship.  But Grace balks and explains why it won’t be fair to him.  Brody tells her he doesn’t care.  If he can make her fall in love with him once he’ll make her fall in love with him again.  Tragedy strikes and Grace loses everything finding herself homeless.  Therefore she ends up staying with Brody for an extended period of time.  Because they’re starting a relationship Brody wants to be celibate for a few weeks to get know each other.  But Grace’s determined to change Brody’s mind and have sex now.

There’s a fabulous bit that is recurring involving Magda, Brody’s long-time housekeeper, and Grace while she’s a houseguest.  This is hilarious because Brody’s Spanish speaking housekeeper, who frightens everyone, instantly takes to Grace.  They talk about him in Spanish and laugh at him, and he’s never heard Magda laugh before.  Then Magda tells Grace something in English.  In all of the years she’s worked for Brody she never said a word of English to him.

Brody has a possessive streak when it comes to Grace.  And Bad Habit’s lead singer, Nico’s driver and body guard, Gerald seems to also show an interest in Grace.  He’s constantly flirting with her and they both enjoy exchanging random and little known trivia and movie quotes.  Grace also goes to Gerald for advice.  One day Brody becomes a little too aggressive in his possessiveness of Grace with Gerald.  Grace tells Brody exactly how she feels about it and the consequences it could lead to.  Needless to say Brody quickly seeks to make amends with Gerald.

When Grace first moves in with Brody her nightmares of her accident are rather frequent.  However the longer she stays with him they become more sporadic.  Conversely, Brody’s nightmares grow more persistent.  When the anniversary of Grace’s accident comes around she, Kat and Chole traditionally have a Girls Night Out and drink.  But since Chloe has just had a baby they decide to invite the guys and have it at Brody’s house.  Grace is concerned because before everyone arrives Brody is acting very strangely, almost desperate.  When he gets to the party he starts drinking heavily.  The guys don’t realize the real reason why the girls planned this get together for St. Patrick’s Day.  They finally tell them it’s the about the significance of the date.  Gerald starts getting twitchy, Brody starts getting even more agitated, and Grace starts getting a very bad feeling.

The last straw is when Grace drops one last secret that blows everything wide open.  It starts a chain reaction of events that becomes surreally ironic and almost fatal for two of the characters.

You think you know what the deal is but you really don’t know – you do but you don’t.  Trust me.  J.T. Geissinger does a little mind bending here.  Something sad happens and I’m not sure if this is a spoiler but we lose Gerald.  Actually he’s moving over to Metrix Security in the Wicked Games series.  I LOVE “Sin With Me” because Brody and Grace are incredibly fun and lighthearted together.  Despite the heaviness of their storyline their banter is playful, behavior is mischievous, and the sex is hot and dirty.  This storyline is compelling and wonderfully balances angst with amusement.  The secondary characters are rock solid and the pace moves steadily.  I think “Sin With Me” may be my favorite Bad Habit book by far.  But I might have to re-read the series to be sure.

I’m giving “Sin With Me” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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