REVIEW: “Somehow, Some Way” by Jennifer Probst

“Somehow, Some Way” is all fire and sexual tension diffused with some fun spicy and Latino giggles.  As usual Jennifer Probst’s Billionaire Builders remains a powerhouse with installment 2.5.  It’s as strong and satisfying as Juan Valdez’s Colombian coffee.  The Hero’s series fixture Brady Heart, Pierce Brothers partner and architect.  He’s a strong Latino man who’s all about tradition, organization, precision, and control.  The Heroine’s Charlie Flowers, the Pierce Brothers female intern turned full-time contractor, introduced in the series’ second book.  She’s independent and headstrong; all about learning from your mistakes and doing things over until it’s perfect.  Charlie’s planned spontaneity with a vision.  She thinks Brady hates her and he has a stick up his butt.  Brady thinks Charlotte’s an spoiled brat who needs a good and vigorous spanking.  Both want the other naked over or under them in a bed.  They hate themselves for even thinking about it.

Brady’s frustrated because Charlotte continuously comes into his office wanting him to re-work the designs for everyone of her projects.  Every design he’s done for her’s perfect and there’s no reason for changes.  Charlie thinks Brady’s stubborn and cantankerous.  He isn’t willing to accept discoveries can be made can be better to preserve the home and materials.  Rock meet Hard Place.  They butt heads but neither can imagine the other would rather crash lips and rock the other’s world.  They’d rather die than admit their fantasies out loud to anyone.  Brady wants her plan to come to him fully formed and stay that way.  Charlie’s more fluid about preserving original materials and the feel of the house.  She grew up poor; frugality’s in her DNA.  Brady’s willing to pay for exactly what he wants at any cost.  He has specific expectations which he wants met every time.

Charlie purchases a beaten up house to fix up and flip in a sketchy neighborhood on the fringes of town.  Her intention is to enlist the help of some of the guys from the Pierce Brothers crew but everyone’s busy.  She decides to do the work herself after hours.  Syndey from the office, discovers this and has concerns which she expresses to the Pierce brothers and Brady.  The brothers have a meeting wanting to intervene and help her but they and their crews are busy.  Brady’s the only one whose schedule that’s relatively open and can help her.  Their feud is legendary but as a member of the Pierce Brothers family Charlie’s safety comes first.  Begrudgingly Brady agrees.  Charlie’s resentful taking the Pierce brothers’ interference as commentary on her being weak and helpless rather than worrying about her.

Brady shows up that first evening attemping to alert her to his presence and discovers her sorry weapon of protection.  A baseball bat, which he takes from where she left it.  When Charlie emerges from the basement all she sees is a shadow.  Brady gets an unexpected and extremely painful greeting.  It’s HILARIOUS!  Charlie calms down, tends to Brady, and makes sure he doesn’t require medical attention.  Then she reiterates she doesn’t require a babysitter.  Brady firmly and precisely explains to Charlotte the brothers don’t believe she’s incapable.  However they’ll never forgive themselves if anything bad happens to her.  Charlie’s sufficiently chastised and although she’d rather work with anyone than Brady, she understands.  Unfortunately as they work she sees the play of his muscles and the way his jeans fit his impressive butt.  It’s distracting and fantasy inducing which pisses her off.

Brady wants to settle down and has the vision of the perfect woman he wants to marry.  He wants a marriage just like his parents in which the woman is intelligent, witty, and obeys him.  She’ll defer to him to take care of the bills and decision making.  His wife’ll makes the decisions on childcare, the household, and cooking dinner for when he gets home.  He has a woman who meets his criteria and he’s been dating her with the “crucial” third date coming up.  Brady knows it’s time to make his move and seduce her into his bed but his penis wants Charlotte.  And he’s on strike when it comes to other women.  He’s frustrated because Charlotte meets none of his checkboxes.  In fact Charlie believes Brady’s benchmarks makes him a monster, male chauvinist pig.

The heat of one of their disagreements sets them off and the match is struck.  They end up in Brady’s bed and the sex is off-the-charts amazing.  At first Charlie things this is a one time deal.  Brady reminds him who he is; he doesn’t do “temporary”.  Brady knows what he wants and goes after it; he wants Charlotte, he wants to date her, she’s his addiction.  After they’ve been dating for a while he invites her to meet his family.  They instantly fall in love with her and want to know when they’ll marry, start having children.  The women assure Charlie she won’t miss renovating houses at all when the babies start coming.  They inform her Brady wants to have kids immediately while they’re clearing dishes after dinner while the men play cards.  Brady knows Charlotte is panicking; Hell he’s freaking out.

When they’re alone Charlie and Brady talk about Wants and Expectations about their Future; what they agree and disagree about.  They have sex even though Charlie knows it won’t fix anything.  They do exchange “I love you”s which makes Brady feel more secure.  Unfortunately, in the light of day, Charlie knows they can’t be together.  Their life expectations are too different and in the end they won’t work out.  Brady wants to keep Charlotte in his life forever but knows his parents won’t accept her need to continue working.  Even though his family loves her.  Because it’s too painful, Charlie tells Brady to not return to the house to help her anymore.  She doesn’t need him.

“Somehow, Some Way” is an Opposites Attract, Enemies-to-Lovers romance.  Jennifer Probst keeps the sexual tension as thick as a North Face coat and hotter than Hades.  Ultimately the story about getting exactly what you want but it might not come package you expect.  Also your archetype might not be what you believe it to be.  “Somehow, Some Way” is Intense, Steamy, and Fun.  Jennifer Probst is not letting up on the quality of her Billionaire Builders series.  The foundation is sturdy, the material is excellent, and the workmanship is beyond compare!  This is a series I most certainly One-Click or don’t hesitate to Pre-Order!

I’m giving “Somehow, Some Way” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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