REVIEW: “Wicked Revenge” by Zoey Derrick

Zoey Derrick covers writes:  romantic paranormal angels, erotic rock stars, BDSM practicing security guards, and M/M romance and more masterfully.  She kicks off her new Motorcycle Club series with the thrilling twisty and turny, sexy and romantic “Wicked Revenge”.  All of the characters, from secondary to the Hero and Heroine are complex and multi-faceted and compelling.  This motorcycle club is an intriguing entity firmly based in family.  It was founded by three brothers in Tucson, Arizona.  Two of the brothers moved one, to Boulder, Colorado and the other to New Mexico.  This extends the club’s influence throughout the West.  Each of the founding brothers are Prez of their respective clubs.  Passing down the position to their sons or the next closest male relation.  Everything runs smoothly until the Prez of the Roswell chapter unexpectedly dies.  His is son twenty-two years-old and feels too young to take over as Prez.

The Hero’s Loki, best friend of the ill-fated rightful heir, Tryke, of the Roswell chapter of the Wicked Angels MC.  Because of a promise made to his best friend he did something he never wanted to do.  An ultimate act of betrayal witnessed by Tryke’s little sister.  The girl he fell in love with when he was nine years-old.  Loki is loyal, tortured, angry, and knows he doesn’t deserve Kiwi.  In order to keep her safe and alive he had to send her away.  Therefore he does indulge in meaningless sex with the club sluts.  The Heroine’s Lily, or Kiwi, witnesses her brother’s murder.  She connects the dots and realizes that traitors within the MC killed her parents and knows who’s the culprit.  The current Roswell Prez, Rooster; Kiwi wants revenge vowing to kill Rooster to avenge her family.  Kiwi’s strong-willed, independent, and single-minded.  Despite everything she loves Loki madly.

Although he’s already well respected by the club Tryke thinks he needs to learn the ropes more.  Therefore another family member’s sent to become “interim” Prez.  When his parents die Tanner keeps his younger sister away from Club life.  Tryke/Tanner has suspicions regarding their “accidental” death.  The only person from the MC who ever comes by is Tanner’s best friend Loki.  Loki is the one who came up with Tanner’s seventeen year-old sister, Lily’s club name.  Kiwi.  Much to Tanner’s dismay Kiwi’s always wanted to grow up and be a part of the club.  An old lady like her mother.  Secretly wants to be Loki’s old lady.  She thinks Loki, deep down, shares her feelings.  Years pass and members are ready to vote the rightful heir in as Prez voting out the “interim mentor” Prez.  Tanner/Tryke knows something really bad’s going down and makes contingency plans for Lily/Kiwi.

One day he tells her he loves her no matter what happens.  Tanner tells Lily to go into the Safe Room and sets a timer locking her in until time runs out.  He set up cameras in every room of the house and throughout the property.  Lily watches as Loki and another MC member ride up while Tanner waits in the kitchen.  Kiwi listens and watches at what happens next.  As the men leave Loki looks into the well-hidden camera, mouths his apology, and tells her to follow Tanner’s instructions.  Once the safe room opens she checks her brother’s body then follows the plan.  She packs her belongings, loads the car Tanner bought her, and her gun.  Kiwi also finds a suitcase of money with a notes for her and one for her uncle.

In that suitcase Lily learns why no one from the MC came to the house after their parents’ death.  Tanner/Tryke told everyone she was also killed in the car accident, in order to keep her safe.  Everyone, except Loki thinks she’s dead.  Lily drives directly to her uncle, Big Daddy D, at the Angel Wing’s headquarters in Tucson.  She’s surprised, but not, to learn her uncle believed she was dead.  However, Kiwi’s angry as Hell to learn that her uncle had no idea that Kellen/Tryke is dead.  He should have gotten a memorial of some sort.  He it’s explains that if there’s controversy surrounding the MC member, he might not get that honor.  Big Daddy D doesn’t want her to go back to Roswell, he thinks she should stay with him in Tucson.  Lily knows there’s nothing for her there and moves on to her uncle, Sticks, in Boulder.

Loki follows Lily to each Headquarters to make sure to gets to each destination safely.  When he arrives at Sticks’ house it’s the day before Kiwi’s eighteenth birthday.  Lily’ happy to see him and cooks him dinner.  At midnight the door to Lily’s room opens.  It’s Loki he removes his clothes and climbs into bed with her and they begin to have sex.  Loki didn’t know Kiwi was a virgin.  They have sex twice and when Kiwi wakes up in the morning he’s gone without saying good-bye.  Even though she tries to communicate with him he never returns his calls.  Several years pass and Rooster’s still Prez of the Roswell Wicked Angels.  Loki’s still around with a new side-kick named Pyro, a dude with dark hair and a wicked scar.  They don’t have old ladies but regularly partake of the club whores.

They run an errand at the Iron Wings bar, one of the club’s businesses.  While there Loki and Pyro meet the new bar slut.  The woman who runs the bar hires a green haired, southern accented girl, she names Skit.  Immediately Loki’s into her.  Pyro doesn’t like going to Iron Wings but Loki drags him back that night when Skit’s working.  Loki convinces Skit to give him a ride home since he’s had too much to drink.  Against her better judgment and plans, she has sex with him.  It seems Pyro and Skit are distrustful of each other.  There are big plans underway to bring Rooster and his side-kick Gunner down.  Finally there’s enough evidence and Loki’s working with Big Daddy D, Sticks, Pyro, and some trusted guys in Roswell’s MC.  Big Daddy D brings a few guys from Tucson and Sticks has some trusted Boulder guys to finish things.

Zoey Derrick goes all out with “Wicked Revenge”:  fabulous sex scenes, thrills, twists, and bombshell dropping galore.  She includes secret identities, double crosses, secret agents, unexpected sexual attractions, the usual secrets, even the nanny has a secret.  I love this MC book!  It’s heavy on family loyalty and feels as though the club doesn’t want to deal with illegal activity.  Ick – but a necessary evil.  I loved the uncles!  Big Daddy D and Sticks are complete opposites.  Big Daddy’s by the book and doesn’t hesitate to backhand you for sassy talk.  Sticks’ easy going; if you cook him a good meal you’re in like Flynn.  Loki and Kiwi are the most adorable couple and you can’t help but root for their Happily Ever After.  Once Pyro relaxes and finds “his girl” you can’t help but love him.  Then you hope the next book in the series is his.

I’m giving “Wicked Revenge” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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