REVIEW: “My Best Friend’s Ex” by Meghan Quinn

So much sweet, sensuous, and intense literary foreplay followed up with beautifully passionate sex and romance.  Even though I read Meghan Quinn’s “Co-Wrecker” I didn’t get the connection between that book and “My Best Friend’s Ex”.  The Hero, Tucker Jameson, is the ex-boyfriend of “Co-Wrecker” Heroine Sadie Montgomery; she figures rather prominently in this book.  The Heroine, Emma Marks’ the responsible caretaker at their gang of friends’ summer parties in the previous novel.  We see Emma out of “responsible mode” and more looser while she’s at college.  When Emma re-connects with Tucker she sees his sensitive soul, intelligence, and his very broken, yet giving heart.  Tucker’s still suffering from his and Sadie’s break-up and the loss of their baby.  By having Emma stay in his house, she not only rekindles their friendship but brings light into his life.  This extreme attraction and their intense feelings stuns them.

Meghan Quinn writes incredibly beautiful passages regarding the emotions that Emma and Tucker are experiencing when they finally have sex.  The road to Tucker’s bed’s paved with innocent touches, kisses, and looks creating a delicious foreplay between the main characters.  Both Emma and Tucker are both emotionally tortured.  Tucker can’t seem to get over his and Sadie’s break-up, her finding someone new, and the miscarriage of their baby.  For him, Sadie’s his True Love and she just gave up on them.  Emma’s feels lots of guilt for taking sides after her friends’ break-up when she sees that Tucker’s still visibly suffering.  She kicks herself for not reaching out to him when he began distancing himself from their group of childhood friends.  Together they find real joy and love back unexpectedly making Tucker’s empty house into a home for each other.  Their romance is truly sweet, sassy, and sexy.

Emma Marks’ and her roommate learn they need to find a new place to live in less than a week.  Because the college’s in the middle of the semester there aren’t any affordable and available apartments.  Her roommate moves into a family member’s basement.  But Emma’s a couple of days away from living with 6 guys in a three bedroom, one bathroom house.  While out drowning her sorrows with her friends she sees Tucker Jameson at the bar drinking alone.  Emma knows he’s been distancing himself from their group of friends since Sadie has a new boyfriend.  She asks him to join them seeing some sadness in his eyes.  While her friends are talking Tucker learns Emma’s soon to be homeless.  Tucker unexpectedly offers her use of the spare room in his house.  Although Emma doesn’t really want to impose she doesn’t have a choice.

Tucker bought his house for Sadie, and their unborn baby; but within days of the closing Sadie miscarried.  His and Sadie’s relationship fell apart then she fell in love with a new guy.  So every night Tucker goes home to a dark and empty house and he hates it.  To avoid his house one night he goes to a bar and runs into Emma.  Tucker doesn’t know why he offers her a place to stay; it just pops out.  Sadie’s the only person he’s taken to his house and that was to show her the house’s only furnished room.  His two best friends, and co-workers, have never seen it and can’t believe he’s letting someone move in with him.  Ever since he ran into Emma he’s out of sorts; seeing her threw him.  Seeing her away from Sadie and the others he really sees her and notices she’s gorgeous.

Tucker’s apprehension falls away when Emma moves in because it’s nice having someone else in the house.  He and Emma have crazy good witty banter; he never realized she was funny.  Emma mocks his lack of furniture, he only has a bed, nightstands, a dresser and a TV in his bedroom.  But they make a list of unconventional rules for living together.  A few are:  one picks the weeks “house-music”, one “cut loose day” a week, and Sex Talk Night.  Emma notices that Tucker’s very “touchy-feely” and is thrown off when he calls her “babe”.  But she figures that’s just how he is, she just didn’t see it before.  Tucker’s been lusting after Emma since the night at the bar.  He can’t stop touching her or placing innocent kisses on her hair.  Tucker thinks he’s going crazy until he realizes Emma feels the sexual attraction too.

Finally they admit they want each other but Tucker pulls back.  Even though Tucker feels over Sadie in his heart, his mind’s having trouble getting the message.  Finally they do have sex and it’s a life altering experience for both of them.  Their relationship intensifies until Sadie drops into the house, after driving Emma home, and she talks to Tucker.  It becomes clear to Emma that Tucker still has feelings about Sadie and the baby.  Emma believes Tucker doesn’t feel as seriously about her as she does about him.  So she ends things before she can get hurt even more.  She considers taking a job in another state, after graduation, for a fresh start.

“My Best Friend’s Ex” has so much emotion and beautifully written passages balancing the romantic fun of Emma and Tucker.  There’s also some wonderfully hilarious laugh out loud comedic moments; especially involving Tucker’s friends Racer and Smalls.  Emma’s friends, Adalyn and Logan are also amusing but to a lesser degree.  The stand-out secondary character is definitely Racer; he plays a huge role and is a serious charmer and jokester.  Tucker’s an incredibly sweet broken Hero, and all the little things he does for Emma are extraordinarily touching.  By the time Emma and Tucker have sex, the sexual tension is so thick you’ll probably have “Blue Pearl Disease”.  (female blue balls)  Meghan Quinn drives you insane with delayed gratification.  I absolutely ADORED Meghan Quinn’s “My Best Friend’s Ex”; it exceeded my wildest expectations – by a mile!

I’m giving “My Best Friend’s Ex” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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