REVIEW: “Too Close to Call” by Tessa Bailey

“Too Close to Call” is a short and sexy side trip in Tessa Bailey’s Romancing the Clarksons series.  It features Kyler Tate the football player Peggy Clarkson and Coach Brooks help when his family’s in trouble.  “Too Close to Call” is a stand alone book but it’s foothold began in “Too Hard to Forget”.  Coach Brooks asked Kyler for dating advice and he gave Coach the name a of place to take Peggy.  Then Coach gave Kyler advice for his own “girl who got away.”  Coach Brooks said, “Imagine you have one more day to fix everything…Before she never thinks about you again.”  So as Kyler’s name was announced at the NFL draft everything felt wrong.  It should have felt right, except Bree Justice wasn’t by his side.  Now he’s back to woo the girl who broke his heart and take her with him.

Kyler Tate is at the NFL draft and gets picked up by the LA Rage.  As he’s walking to the podium the moment that’s supposed to feel like the greatest feels like sludge.  Cameras are flashing and reporters are talking and all he can think about is one thing.  His high school sweetheart who broke his heart, it’s never been the same, nor belonged to anyone else, since.  Kyler decides immediately, he’s going to get Bree Justice, make her his, and bring her to LA with him.  Forever.  Kyler goes back to his hometown for the week between Draft Day and Training Camp. Bree didn’t leave home go to University of Cincinatti with him but he’s not going without her again.  Kyler and Bree have their own way of communicating challenge and passion.  He has to play the game to convince Bree to come with him this time.

Bree is not one for the spotlight, that’s all Kyler, but once he drags her into it she enjoys it.  That was always the way it worked.  She doesn’t expect Kyler to be in town if she knew she’d hide away at home.  She hits the diner for her morning coffee and she’s shaken to see half the town’s there because of him.  Kyler tells her he’s over his how she broke his heart and wants to be friends.  But she’s thrown when he asks her to go out to dinner with him.  She shouldn’t be surprised when she unexpectedly finds Kyler wherever she is and throwing down challenges.  Although she fights it that insane heat and lust pounds through her whenever they’re close.  Either by losing a dare or control, to Kyler’s fabulously filthy mouth their youthful passion explodes into scorching hot sex.

However, Kyler witnesses Bree doing what she loves in the hometown she loves.  He realizes she’s a strong woman who’s found a way to make herself happy all by herself.  Kyler thinks what if the best way to make Bree happy is to admit he’s failed and walk away?  Even though Bree Justice is Kyler Tate’s home; Bloomfield, Indiana is most certainly Bree Justice’s.

Oh how I love dirty talking Heroes!  And Kyler Tate is not a narrating or monologing type of dirty talker.  He’s a short, concise graphically straight to the point dirty talker.  Wow!  Bree’s an incredibly intelligent, determined, and passionate Heroine.  She has selfless reasons for her decisions which can’t be criticized.  Tessa Bailey does an incredible job with “Too Close to Call” in storyline, characters, and pacing.  This little installment is a fabulous bit of sprinkle on the cake that is the Romancing the Clarksons series.

I’m giving “Too Close to Call” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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