REVIEW: “Falling For Her Best Friend’s Brother” by Noelle Adams

Noelle Adams starts a new sweet and sexy series, Tea for Two, starting with “Falling For Her Best Friend’s Brother”.  It follows two girlfriends who open a tearoom in their town; the third friend’s the “money girl” and honorary partner.  The girls became best friends because their brothers were best friends.  Emma’s the brainy one of the friends and considers herself to be the plain one.  She seems to only attract losers and her last horrible boyfriends have driven her to try a 6 month “Man-Fast”.  Proving she’s unable to fall for the right guy is the childhood crush she had on her best friend’s brother.  Noah’s the definition of a bad choice but he’s become a “runner” and when things get tough he moves on.  He’s very successful, working at a multi-national corporation and travels from country to country.  Noah’s been away from their hometown for several years.  Running.

Emma’s two friends Carol and Ginny are opening their tearoom within weeks.  She helped them write up their business plan and works on their books making her a Honorary Partner.  The three girls became friends as children; almost pushed into it because their brothers were best friends.  For the tearoom’s Grand Opening all of their brothers will be attending to support the sisters.  This is surprising because Ginny’s brother Noah, hasn’t been in back town for several years.  He’ll be coming home from whatever country he’s working in to stay in town for a few months.  Emma, who’s just declared she’s conducting a six month Man-Fast, is shocked.  She can’t help remembering the desperate crush she had on him when she was a young girl.  It seems everyone knew about her unrequited love except for Noah.  He always treated her like a chubby little sister, calling her Pudge.

Emma’s picking her brother up from the airport when Noah unexpectedly arrives early.  Due to a traveling snafu he heads to the airport bar.  He spies an attractive.  At first his compliments and conversation go well until he introduces himself.  Things go off the rails when he asks the woman her name.  It’s then a familiar man calls out the woman’s name, “Emma”.  When he sees it’s best friend Patrick, greeting his sister, Little Pudge things add up.  This isn’t the baggy clothes-wearing shy girl he remembers; this Emma’s a knock-out.  Emma’s insulted and hurt Noah doesn’t recognize her thinking he’s hitting on a strange woman.  When Patrick learns Noah tried hitting on Emma at the airport he’s outraged and protective of his sister.  Noah can’t get his attraction for Emma out of his mind.  Because he values Patrick’s friendship; he vows to be good and stay away from Emma.

It seems as though since Noah’s back in town he grandmother Nan remembers Emma’s childhood crush on him.  It seems she believes something might/should come from it now.  On the other hand Noah’s sister Ginny thinks this is a bad idea because Noah always leaves.  When their father left their mother, Noah started “running”, when their mother passed away he ran even more.  He went away to college then got a job travelling from country to country never staying anywhere for long.  When Ginny feels Emma may be softening in her feelings for Noah she points out he’s not a good bet.  Ginny tells Noah she thinks he runs away because of how their father’s leaving them affected him.  She tells Noah he has a big heart and would love him to stay in town.  Ginny and their grandmother, Nan, miss him especially since he’s been away for so long.

Because of the relationships of the girls and the brothers Noah and Emma are thrown together often.  Their attraction’s magnetic; heated words and an unexpected kiss lead to unanticipated passion.  However what promises to be the start of a budding relationship is ended before it begins.  Noah fears what he believes is his true nature and tries to be good.  He decides the best choice for Emma’s happiness is to push her away.  However Noah deny his feelings, growing attraction and possessiveness.  Despite his promises to be good and he can’t keep his hands off of Emma and she can’t resist him.  A family emergency brings Noah and Emma together for another romantic tryst.  Ghosts of Noah’s past chase him after an altercation with someone from his past.  He ends up pulling away from Emma again.  When he comes to his senses Emma doesn’t trust Noah or her heart anymore.

“Falling For Her Best Friend’s Brother” is an understatedly sexy romance.  It’s a book that’s quick to read which is perfect for something light to read between books.  Noelle Adams provides a list of characters at the beginning of the book.  The roster links the brothers and their sisters and gives a brief description of each.  All of the characters are charming and likable.  Emma’s vulnerable yet she’s also very strong and mature about Noah’s “mood swings”.  Noah’s an extremely sympathetic hero; he has a past which changed and defined him.  Who he is today is a colder version of the warm-hearted boy of years past.  However that caring soul still shines through.  Nan is a trip and has personality plus.  I’m now curious as to what will happen next in the Tea for Two series; I’ll definitely be looking out.

I’m giving “Falling For Her Best Friend’s Brother” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Small Craft Advisory.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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