REVIEW: “Falling For the Fake Fiancé” by Jennifer Blackwood

Jennifer Blackwood has another fantastic addition to her Snowpocalypse series.  This installment features a harried single mother and her former neighbor temporarily in town; eager to start his new life.  “Falling For the Fake Fiancé” has a “Gilmore Girls” vibe mainly conveyed through the heroine, Jill’s, relationship with her mother.  This is a super sexy friends to lovers romance.  The hero and heroine are former next door neighbors who re-connect years later and enjoy a one-night-stand.  Their paths continue to cross leading to the hero offering to fake marry her to help her out.  An unforeseen circumstance the simple favor gets blown into an out of control production.  The characters’ growth is interesting.  The heroine learns she deserves help without strings.  The hero learns what he believes he doesn’t want might be exactly what he needs.  The journey and the destination make this book worth reading.

Jill Michaels’s working two jobs and still needs her mother’s monetary help to afford her daughter’s “Doogie Howser” private school.  Her beloved grandmother dies and although she doesn’t want anything; Jill needs an inheritance.  Jill gets one, but with strings attached.  She’ll get a sizable inheritance only if she’s marries before she turns thirty; unfortunately that’s only weeks away.  Jill’s a single mother working two jobs and doesn’t have time to date with no prospects.  One of her friends suggests a singles mixer at a hotel they can use as a Girl’s Retreat.  Reluctantly Jill goes but the pickings at the mixer are “interesting” to be generous.  Her friend disappears and Jill demands the room number.  She gets a text with the room number but she discovers her old next door neighbor rather than her friends.

Aaron Collins left the army he’s been in since he left high school.  But he makes an unforeseen detour to South Carolina to help his father, who’s in ill health, with his failing business.  It’s a pleasant surprise to see his childhood next door neighbor who’s grown up nicely.  He can’t understand why she needs to attend a singles mixer.  Aaron finishes up the repair job in the hotel room and takes Jill to the hotel’s bar to catch up.  He discovers she has a daughter and is holding down a couple of jobs.  Aaron’s a bit puzzled, lacking the details, and Jill doesn’t elaborate so he doesn’t pry.  However one thing crops up in conversation and that’s Jill’s sexual “dry spell.”  Aaron selflessly “volunteers as tribute” to “clear the cobwebs”, so to speak.  This leads to an energetic and exciting night of dirty talk, many orgasms, and fun activities!

Jill wants to see Aaron again, because the army did his body good; but she’s concerned her daughter’ll get attached.  She keeps running into Aaron and he learns about Jill’s lack of funds and her grandmother’s will’s stipulations.  Hearing her predicament and not wanting Jill to marry some potential douche-bag Aaron proposes he marry her.  Jill doesn’t want to inconvenience him and asks what’s in it for him.  Aaron doesn’t want anything and he feels sad that Jill’s grown to expect that friendship and favors aren’t freely given.  Their several sexual rendezvous stirs up some feelings that are more than just physical.  But neither want to acknowledge nor share them.  What’s supposed to be a secret wedding at the courthouse for a brief, couple of months marriage goes sideways.  But Jill’s mother unexpectedly finds out, and being neighborly informs Aaron’s parents.  The next thing they know they’re tasting wedding cakes.

Aaron’s in town temporarily his ultimate destination being D.C. for a private security job and Jill’s aware of his plans.  She’s knows he’s been delaying his trip to D.C. because he’s helping his father with his company.  But she discovers he’s delaying it even longer, because of the wedding.  And that loss of time may cost him the job.  Jill makes the abrupt decision to end everything and send him away.

I adore Jennifer Blackwood’s books and I’ve read about half of them.  She’s become a go-to author for me.  Her contemporary romances have a touch of humor, heart, and tons of steamy sex!  Characters from the first book of the Snowpocalypse series get a brief mentions.  Just know that “Falling For her Fake Fiancé” is a definitely a Stand-Alone novel.  The main characters are sympathetic, likable, and fun.  Aaron is a loyal, protective, and sexually adventurous Alpha hero.  Jill’s an accurate portrayal of a overwhelmed working mother who’s battling the PTA and raising a good kid.  An every woman heroine.  This novel is entertaining, sweet, romantic, and is wonderfully dirty.  It hits all of the bases and is fun to read.

I’m giving “Falling For the Fake Fiancé 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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