REVIEW: “Honor” by Kennedy Layne

Kennedy Layne’s “Honor” absorbing Second Chance romantic entry in the Bad Boy Homecoming series.  This short novel has a satisfying and compelling element of danger to spice up the romance.  The Heroine, Tessa, is a hard-working nurse in the cardiac ward helping to tend for the Hero’s father.  Derek is in town for two weeks because of his father’s heart attack.  The military’s sparing him from battle on a brief emergency leave.  Derek’s mother decides to set him up on a date with the nurse who was in his high school class.  Coincidentally their high school reunion is this week.  Although Derek has no desire to attend he learns that Tessa’s afraid to go.  For the past couple of weeks she’s been harassed by disturbing pranks she believes are courtesy of her recent ex-boyfriend.  So a sexy dedicated soldier finds himself entranced by the smart beautiful girl from his past.

Derek Spenser has been in his father’s hospital room as the man recuperates from heart surgery.  Derek is counting time until he returns to his fellow troops in the desert.  Meanwhile all of his old classmates are engaging in the activities associated with their ten year reunion.  Derek’s mother either feeling guilty or hoping to help her son find a potential mate and baby mama.  She asks him to escort one of the cardiac nurses to the main event.  Tessa Daniels doesn’t want to attend because her ex-boyfriend will also be in attendance at the reunion.  He had become overly controlling in their relationship which caused her to break-up with him.  Since then she’s been on the receiving end of some rather disturbing anonymous pranks.  Tessa believes her ex is the perpetrator.  Unfortunately she has no proof and the pranks aren’t dangerous enough to warrant police action.

Tessa’s ready to let Derek off the hook for the reunion date but to her surprise he’s “all in”.  Derek had no intention of attending the reunion.  However, the more he hears about the pranks her ex has been pulling and he starts feeling invested.  He remembers Tessa from high school cute and friendly but they never hung out together.  Now he’s intrigued and he cares about her safety and wants her to have fun.  He’s in his small hometown temporarily and he might as well enjoy a night out with a pretty girl.  But things get complicated as he sees her actual fear and frustration that nothing can be done or proven.  One night of comfort and pleasure leads to more. Derek’s main goal becomes to make sure Tessa’s completely safe before heads back to the desert.  But times running out.

Kennedy Layne put a lot of storyline into this short novel.  The main characters are likable and engaging and there’s just enough spice to make things fun.  So far the Bad Boy Homecoming series is a fun grouping of quick Second Chance romances by stellar authors.  “Honor” is definitely worth reading!

I’m giving “Honor” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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